Review: Under the Shadow of Madness by Aaron Black

Under the Shadow of Madness

Genres: Horror
Pages: 42
Series: An Eldritch Horror Adventure
Published on: March 14, 2015
Review: Under the Shadow of Madness by Aaron Black

Egypt, 1920. Nile River.

A disgraced English playboy. A Tommy gun-toting beauty. And a mad German doctor with a closet full of horrors.

Can Roger and Clara stop Dr. Sturm before he raises an unspeakable evil from the bottom of the Nile or will their fate be the same as her fathers?

Inspired by a coming together of Chekhov's The Lady with the Dog and Lovecraftian horror, Under the Shadow of Madness is a lighthearted tale of insanity and mayhem.


I received this book for free from Author Gifted in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Andi's Review


So this novella may not be for everyone, it is a little slow, and based in the 20s, so be prepared for that. Is it worth it? Yes for sure, but you really don’t get to the heat of the book, or in this case the meat of the book until almost 30 pages in.  But it is only 42 you say, yes that is true, and that is why I said that it is a little slow.


So the book starts off with Roger, who is a womanizer from Britain.  He picked the wrong woman to be attracted to, well right woman, wrong husband.  So his dad in hopes of cleaning up some of his son’s mess sent him away with a Sgt. Maj. that is an old friend.  While on a ship floating the Nile River Roger happens to notice a young woman, and him being the womanizer he is he is determined to not only meet her, but if possible bed her.  I mean that is what he is known for.  Only this lady is not just a pretty face, but a mean shot, and not afraid of killing if necessary.


Now about 30 pages in the story goes from a frolick on a ship to something much deeper and sinister.  Like REALLY deep and really interesting.  It got me to keep reading honestly.  Overall I think that it is a good book and I wonder if this is part of a series or something.  I think that there is a lot more the author could do with the book.


4 fangs


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