Review!! Thrill of the Hunt: A Collection of Suspenseful Tales

Thrill of the Hunt: A Collection of Suspenseful Tales

By: Kelly Abell, Tawa M Witko
Pages: 286
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Published on: December 8th 2015
Review!! Thrill of the Hunt: A Collection of Suspenseful Tales

What happens when seven authors get together? Seven completely different stories ranging from Urban Fantasy and the paranormal, to the psychological, criminal and supernatural. Thrill of the Hunt explores the things that scare us, thrill us, and excite us.

I received this book for free from Author Gifted in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Andi's Review


Thrill of the hunt is a anthology of suspenseful tales leading with my favorite Devil’s cut which I will actually be reviewing separately as well.


This is a collection of seven stories that range from really interesting to somewhat interesting.  I greatly enjoyed The Devil’s Cut and LEAK the most.  These stories all range in horror and suspense with some graphic content.

This book has an even amount of story telling without all of the stories being the same. The one main thing is that each of them has a hunted and a hunter.  Sometimes it is not clear who is being hunted or who is getting the thrill of the hunt, but it is always there.


The Devil’s Cut is about a young girl and a sword.  She also has the power to touch objects and feel their history, feel their passion, and feel their intent.  This story was really good.  5 stars, which is why I am reviewing it separately.


Sweet Revenge is about a young girl who can see ghosts.  She has to be very careful about what she touches or who she talks to, because you never know when one of those ghosts is going to jump inside you.   This was also really good.  4.5 stars

Shattered Glass is about a young teacher who is dealt some piss poor hands, and with that comes the grief that only one who has lost individuals can understand.  This story was okay, I wasn’t really all into it, but it had a great story teller and so I would read more from this author, who just so happens to be in the mental health field.  This was 4 stars


Eye of the Beholder was the least scary and more suspenseful of the books.  It has to do with a girl who returns home to help her mother at the pet shoppe and happens to meet an elderly woman who requests that she take pictures of her and her poodles.  When a group of ladies go to visit the woman, they find her dead.  Now Shelley must figure out who got to the elderly lady, before they get to her.   4 stars


Leak is another one of my favorites, it deals with a biohazard that threatens to possibly wipe out mankind.  A scientist on a lunch run is called by her co-worker and told to run, so without a second thought that is exactly what she did.  Her husband and children followed her and it was only a matter of time before the news started to spread.  5 stars


Imposter was interesting but not really my forte.  I kinda of knew who the imposter was from the very beginning so it kind of took much of the sting off the twist when it happened.  It was overall an okay short story, but I was not a huge fan of the writing style as well so overall it wasn’t my cup of tea.  3.5 stars


Follow… I have read other books by him, and his writing style is exactly the same.  In fact at the beginning I didn’t know who the author was and so I was like wow, this sounds familiar and that is when I looked at who the author was.  It was a sad story, and honestly one that was kinda of a failure at the end, not that it wasn’t good, it just ended very predictably.  3.5 stars


I think that by this one being the last it created a somewhat sad ending.  If LEAK or Sweet Revenge was last it would have gave the entire anthology more of an upbeat feel.  Overall this is a really good series of books and I really enjoyed reading the different stories.  Since most of these authors have full length novels, I am planning on reading novels


Overall this is a great set of books, and they all fit the theme of the anthology.  So thank you to whomever put all of these authors together and I hope that you all collaborate more often.


4.5 stars



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