Review!! Thirteen Degrees by Brenden Dean

Thirteen Degrees

By: Brenden Dean
Genres: Horror
Pages: 113
Publisher: Createspace
Published on: April 13, 2015
Review!! Thirteen Degrees by Brenden Dean

Welcome the dreadful cold of terror with 13 original stories by Brenden Dean. Bring a blanket, huddle around the fire, and try to keep warm as you encounter psychotic abductors, deadly spirits and demons of the woods.

When They Come Alone -

One man's Halloween ritual is far more vicious than it seems. His playful prank is a mask for something more.

A Monster in his Closet -

A boy is troubled by something in his closet. But, as we will soon see, there is no monster in his closet.

Eat Your Heart Out -

A quarreling lesbian couple's camping trip goes awry. They may not survive the night when something intrudes in the night.

Meet Me at the Looking Tree -

A tragic tale of two boys, a towering tree, and a new pair of binoculars. When one of them goes missing, the other's life will never be the same.

The Deer Cam -

An avid hunter's first hunt of the season turns horrific when noises send him running home. The terror is not over when noises accompany his sleep.

What Mustn't be Seen -

One night, a boy hears his next door neighbor's home being invaded. But what he witnesses is much worse than a couple of thieves.

He Who Waits -

Ever since childhood, a girl is constantly watched by a suited man just outside her home. Nobody else can see him. Later in life, a tragedy shows the man's dreadful intentions.

The Orb -

A metallic, glowing sphere lands in a small town, and those who come close to it are flooded with euphoric visions. Those who touch it disappear in a flash. But unknown horrors await them on the other side.

The Way of the World -

A wealthy man invites a beggar over for dinner, but the menu may not be to his liking.

You Should've Opened the Door -

A lonely woman hears news of an escaped killer. That night, the strange knocking begins.

Forgetful -

A man awaits much needed sleep. But he soon realizes he has forgotten a few routine things. One of which may cost him his life.

Sensations -

A little girl enjoys spending the night at her grandparents, save for the fact that something visits her at night. Soon, she will learn the horrid truth of the sensations she feels at night.

A Stranger's Approach -

A distraught woman is having enough trouble affording life when a stranger begins to follow her. Quickly, the stalking becomes too much, and a fateful climax ensues.

I received this book for free from Author Gifted in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Andi's Review


Thirteen Degrees is a compilation of thirteen stories written by Brenden Dean.  The stories range from somewhat creepy to utterly terrifying.  Obviously I do not plan on giving away the good secrets but I will list the stories and say how I feel about each one.

When They Come Alone –

This one was super creepy and you don’t realize it until you read the last page a second time.

A Monster in his Closet –

Creepy, but not overly scary like some of the others.

Eat Your Heart Out –

Oh for fuck sake, why would someone write this, let along think this, I mean seriously this one bothered me ALOT.

Meet Me at the Looking Tree –

This one is more sad than scary honestly.

The Deer Cam –

This is another oh for fuck sake book.  Seriously creeptastic.  Not to mention that I hunt and so this really bothered me.

What Mustn’t be Seen –

This one is really interesting, not just creepy, but just interesting and a little creepy..

He Who Waits –

This one is also really sad, not that creepy but then again I already see things, but it is definitely sad.

The Orb –

Ha Ha you got what you wanted.  Seriously this one made me chuckle in that you get what you asked for.

The Way of the World –

For only being like three pages long, this one is high on my creep factor.  Although it is also really good.


You Should’ve Opened the Door –

If your a single woman living out in BFE why wouldn’t you see who was at the door?


Forgetful –

Blech, having dogs, this creeps me the fuck out… Seriously creepy.


Sensations –

This one was a little weird, it was more gross than creepy.


A Stranger’s Approach –

Another really sad story.  I would say of all of them this is the one with the most twist and the saddest.  Perfect way to end the book.


So as you can see they are all creepy, one made me laugh like a good horror story should, and one almost made me cry.  Overall the author was able to envoke every emotion that I had other than maybe anger and joy, but you know, not everyone can be perfect :P.


4 fangs





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