Review!! The Werewolf Wants Me by Jackson Dean Chase

The Werewolf Wants Me

By: Jackson Dean Chase
Pages: 40
Series: Young Adult Horror #2
Published on: February 3, 2015
Review!! The Werewolf Wants Me by Jackson Dean Chase

Beware the love that walks on four legs‌…‌

All her life, Felicia wanted to be wild, to be free of what society forced her to be: the perfect daughter, the perfect friend. Then she met Mark. Mark, of the piercing green eyes and wolfish grin. A bad boy with an easy charm and restless desire.

Mark knows what Felicia wants, and when he offers to take her on a picnic to an abandoned summer camp‌—‌a camp where dozens of people died‌—‌will she become another victim, or something more?

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I received this book for free from Author Gifted in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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Andi's Review


The Werewolf Wants Me by Jackson Dean Chase is the story of a young girl who is looking to date a bad boy, but she doesn’t know how bad he really is.  Felicia is your stereotypical bad girl, wanting to break from societal norms and be her own person, and Mark is just the bad boy that can help her do that, if she can stay alive long enough.


Felicia in attempts to show her best friend that Mark isn’t that bad of a guy she asks her best friend and a guy that her best friend likes to go to an abandoned camp that was the site of multiple vicious deaths in the past.  When Felicia got there it was apparent that the camp was not as run down as it should have been having been deserted at least a decade ago.  Things became weirder when Mark returns alone without their injured companion and when Felicia’s best friend goes missing, Felicia starts to wonder what is really going on, especially when the locked shed is found unlocked and Mark is ambivalent to the perceived danger.


When Felicia realizes that the Werewolf wants her is becomes an inner battle to determine what her future will be, if she is to have a future.


The Werewolf wants me is a good book with a somewhat interesting concept.  Again even though this is considered horror and there is a small amount of gore, it is not that scary and honestly the end is somewhat improbable while at the same time expected.   I was overall kind of let down that the story progressed the way it did.  I was hoping for some form of twist or a little suspense to go along with the horror theme.  When it started to get really good it was over, and the answer was there, there wasn’t the angst, or the inner turmoil that you would have suspected to be present.  Overall it wasn’t bad, and it was a very fast read.  Not my favorite Jackson book.


3.5 fangs




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