Review: The Rule Three by Katerina Martinez

The Rule Three

Pages: 172
Series: Amber Lee #2
Published on: January 31, 2015
Review: The Rule Three by Katerina Martinez

A tired witch must take hold of her life before it starts to slip through her fingers.

Amber Lee unmasked the murderer killing the witches in Raven's Glen and came out of the ordeal intact. All she wants to do now is settle down, relax, and enjoy her status as a True Witch with real magick power. But she's been having nightmares lately which have caused her to go without sleep and the cracks in her composure are starting to show.

What's worse, her grades are starting to slip and she has the distinct impression that someone is stalking her around town. With Yuletide around the corner, Amber has to figure out who the hooded figure is and why he's following her, but the answer to that question shakes her to the core and opens Pandora's box.

Amber is faced with yet another crisis, and once again time is running out. Only this time it isn't her life and romantic interests that are at stake, but her very soul and the soul of someone she once held dear.

Will Amber beat the odds a second time and learn from past mistakes? Or will she be brought to her knees and forced to pay the price for her hubris?

#1 - Midnight Magick
#2 - The Rule of Three
#3 - Forged in Moonfire
#4 - The Necromancer


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Andi's Review


I read the first book in this series, Midnight Magick awhile ago and I liked it.  The author took her time to ensure that magic was used in the right way.   When she sent us an email asking to have her second book in the series reviewed, I jumped at the chance.   There are four books in this series and right now The Rule Three is free on Kindle.  Yeah FREE, and if you sign up to be part of her VIP club, which she is awesome and you should, you get the first one for free as well.  Who doesn’t want two books and get on a VIP list of an author.


The Rule Three continues the story of Amber Lee, a real witch who along with Frank and Damien have a nice little coven.  However, not all is the way it is supposed to be and Aaron, a man from her past comes to shake things up.


I liked this one more than the first honestly.  I guess for me it had more going on, or had more connection.  Either way I felt that I connected with the characters more than I did in the last one.  The issue that I had in the first one about it hurrying up to wait did not happen in this book.  There was a consistency that I think was lacking in the last one.  Not only that but she really left this one wide open for future books but at the same time she completed it.  There wasn’t a cliff hanger that many people hate.  There are two more in the series and I hope that both of them follow more this book than the first one.


I knew that Damien was bad news, but I honestly thought that he was worse news than he turned out to be.  You get an air about him I guess, and that air told me to watch out.  I also got that from Aaron, I guess maybe the way that he just showed back up in Amber’s life.  I understand why, and I also understand her inability to see what was going on.  Attraction, especially animalistic attraction is a powerful thing.


4.5 fangs


About Katerina Martinez

I was going to paste what I'd written in my Amazon Author's page, but I've decided to give it a personal touch!

So, my name's Katerina, I love to read and write, and until now I've been cooped up in a desk job with nothing to do but drift away on a sea of corporate bull until I do what is expected of me (marriage, kids, etc).

Having decided that enough was enough, I took a chance and wrote a book. My first book. Then I mulled over my options and chose to self publish with Amazon. Then panicked over the "Publish" button for a few hours. Now I'm here, spreading the word, trying to meet other people like me - maybe people starting out in the self-publishing business or just people who share my kinds of interests!

For those of you starting out, I can tell you, it's a rollercoaster. None of it is easy. And even if your work doesn't sell, at least you can be proud that you put yourself out there and took that step! Good luck to you all!

Thanks for reading!

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