Review: Terranum: Knight’s Fall by Harold Cloninger

Terranum: Knight's Fall

By: Harold Cloninger
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 298
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Published on: September 28, 2013
Review: Terranum: Knight’s Fall by Harold Cloninger

Immolo, a young knight beginning his career at a newly established colony on the farthest corner of the kingdom comes face to face with a myth: Shadow elves. Rumored to be the incarnations of evil, Immolo nevertheless finds himself caring for a beautiful shadow elf.

Shadow, a priestess brutalized and cast out by her own family finds herself in a new world; powerless and trying to adjust to a life outside the society she's known her entire life. She tries to live a life in the light, but old habits and prejudices are hard to escape.

What happens when good makes bad decisions and evil gets an opportunity to thrive?


I received this book for free from Author Gifted in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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Andi's Review


Hey all, Andi here, well obviously, don’t you like that we use these ^ now so you know exactly who is talking at what point.


So I am a big fan of R.A. Salvatore and I grew up reading about Drizzet.  When I first got this book I was really worried that this would be similar, and the first 50 pages were similar.  So similar in fact that I put it aside and read another couple of books before getting back to it.  I owed it to the author to finish reading the book no matter how similar it was so I started it back up.  The first 50 were similar, but the remainder of the book was different which really it an enjoyable read.


This book is written in journal format which means that the two main characters each interpret how they view situations.  At times the situation as seen between the two characters is amusing because a human mind is different than an elf mind.


I think that the author took a chance sending me this book, but he didn’t realize how much I had read in my life.  I am glad that he took the time and chance because this book was really good and I really like how he took the general theme of Drizzet, changed the gender.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and while there are some issues it is better than I initially expected.


4 fangs


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