Review Swap – A Mage’s Power by Brian Wilkerson

A Mage's Power

By: Brian Wilkerson
Genres: Fantasy, YA
Pages: 216
Series: Journey into Chaos
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Published on: December 31. 2012
Review Swap – A Mage’s Power by Brian Wilkerson

"I am the Trickster Tasio and I am here to help you."

Due to 'help' from a mischievous trickster, Eric is stranded in a world where monsters and magic are as common as homework and hotdogs. While he struggles to adjust he recieves an offer that will set the course of his life: a job in a mercenary guild. Between training and missions he's unaware of the forces at work in his life. All of them have a stake in his quest to acquire A Mage's Power.


I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


So Andi here, I agreed to a review swap with Brian Wilkerson, the author behind A Mage’s Power.  He also reviewed a book of mine, I have not read the review yet as I did not want it to influence my review of his book.  So without further ado.


So A Mage’s Power follows the life of Eric, a twenty something drone worker who it at the end of his abilities, he is having issues with a next door neighbor, with a boss, with life in general.  With one more chance to prove himself or lose everything he asks for help.  Who comes to his aid, yes, none other than Tasio a trickster.  In this book think imp figure that has the power to do wonderful things.  You will learn more about him later.


So Tasio sends Eric into another world, yeah kinda common, but we will go with it.  So he is transported into this world as a teenager, and a student in a high school.  So essentially he gets to live the last ten ish years again.  What will he do with these years?  Oh you know become a mercenary, save people, become a better person, etc etc.


This is an okay book and I will talk about why it is just okay.   The first chapter has a lot of grammar issues, and just general character and conversation issues.  I almost put it down, but I promised to read it and being that it was the fourth edition, I figured that it should get better.  It does marginally, there are still issues throughout the book.  Conversations that do not flow, characters that are cameo personalities but you want to know more about.


The land that Eric is transported to is medieval as well as technically advanced so an entirely different concept than I have read previously, which is interesting.  This aspect actually kept me reading as I wanted to know more about the land and the people, especially those animals that have become not only self aware but fully humanized.  People say that they humanize animals and that it is not a good thing, well this book has completely humanized animals and it is a good thing.


I am a fan of Naruto and one MAJOR issue with me is that this book intentionally or unintentionally is very similar.  There are three students and a leader.  The leader looking back is a lot like Kakashi, even reading smut while the three “students”.  There is an outcast, a girl, and another guy.  Yes I know that no story is unique and I understand that, but the more I think about it, the most similarities there are.


The ending bothered me, the plot is there, weak man becomes teenager who then becomes strong.  What I don’t get is how the end in an attempt to wrap everything up just poof and ended.  Since I do not give spoilers I can not go into more of why this bothers me, but if you read it then you will see what I mean.


I am interested in the next book, but from the preview at the end of the first one, it does not appear that Eric is part of it.  Same world, same trickster, but different characters.  This could be a good thing, or a bad thing because I as the reader really started to understand the small group.  We shall see with the next one.


3 stars

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