Review: Saturn’s Secret by Timothy Rise

Saturn's Secret

By: Timothy R Riese
Pages: 368
Publisher: Createspace
Published on: July 25th 2014
Review: Saturn’s Secret by Timothy Rise

"Saturn's Secret" is a fusion of the science fiction and horror genres. Told through the eyes of multiple characters, every chapter brings something new to the table. In the not so distant future, global climate change has unleashed a surprising chain of events, which has threatened human kind with extinction. Hidden within the rings of Saturn lies mankind's last hope: an element with the power to restore the Earth to the life giving planet it once was. A mission is dispatched to bring the element home to Earth, but just weeks into their mission an attempted hijacking of their ship begins a chain of events that eventually leads them down into a spiral of chaos. After locating the elemental deposit, their journey of exploration reveals something much greater and more horrific than they ever thought possible. Trials and tribulations will test the crew as they deal with their internal struggles while trying to stay alive in the hostile environment of space. Faced with an unexpected discovery of profound scientific value, their biggest obstacle will be getting home alive.

I received this book for free from Author Gifted in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Andi's Review



As you know, I like science fiction, and this story was no different. In a future time when Earth is no longer habitable as we know it, there are colonies on the Moon and Mars. With a toxic gas that threatens what is left of Earth, a scientist discovers what could be used to save Earth and Mankind as we know it. The trouble is that it is on one of Saturn’s moons.


This is where a fearless captain and his number two come in. Along with brilliant scientists and specialists they set off from Moon to navigate the stars and bring home this mineral, if they don’t die in the process. Traveling to Saturn is not a walk in the pack between stasis, random meteors, and oh you know… life forms beyond our knowledge.


This book started off up beat and victorious, by the end you want to shake those who put the crew into the position they found themselves in. Lives are changed, the world as they know it is over.  There are some twists along the way, that once they start you can’t stop them.


The author was really good at being scientific but at the same time creating a good story that combines both the science but the human emotion.  There are times that science fiction writers are too science and not enough heart.  This one has both in the proportions that makes it a good read.



4 fangs


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