Review!! Rampage by Alan Brenham


By: Alan Brenham
Pages: 270
Publisher: Black Opal Books
Published on: July 4th 2015
Review!! Rampage by Alan Brenham

The stakes soar both professionally and personally for Austin PD Detective Jason Scarsdale as he finds himself in a race against time to hunt down a vicious gang hell-bent on murder. Realizing that his new partner, the attractive divorcee Tatum Harper, could be trouble in more ways than one, he tries to run her out of Homicide. Will their partnership destroy his romantic relationship with long-time girlfriend Dani Mueller? Will they both survive the harrowing face-off with the increasingly unhinged gang leader?

I received this book for free from Author Gifted in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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Andi's Review


Rampage by Alan Brenham is your traditional police drama with some interpersonal relationship type elements thrown in.


Jason Scarsdale is a police officer who lost his partner is a previous book.  In that book he also started dating Dani who had to move to Germany due to both family needs and the fact that she was almost killed.  Jason receives a new partner, Tatum Harper who is not only an attractive female but also newly divorced.  While Jason is thinking about traveling to Germany to see Dani as well as taking his daughter there for her birthday there is a group of three causing a rampage in his town.


This story runs from the initial attack by the three individuals through their story alongside what was happening to Scarsdale both professionally and personally.  It was interesting to see each story being told separately and then together as needed.  I was overall impressed with the book and you could tell that the author had some experience in law enforcement.  It is a lengthy book, sitting right around 270 pages and much of that is conversation.  I think that some of that could have been cut out and still have the same book albeit shorter.  That is not to say that it was not needed, just sometimes it may be a little over board in some ways.


This book was good, I liked the voice of the main characters, and I like the plot and overall story line.  I did not like the addition of Harper and Scarsdale’s relationship, it just made him a little shady.  Not saying that Scarsdale is not a good guy, he is, but he is also a little shady.  That is not to say that Harper is innocent.  I think that sometimes books try to throw in emotional entrapment or romantic elements to expand their reader base.  I know that this story differs from what we normally read, but I do enjoy this type of book, and this one is good, it is worth the read.


4.5 stars




About Alan Brenham

Alan Brenham is the pseudonym of Alan Behr, an American author and attorney.
He served as a law enforcement officer before earning a law degree from Baylor University and worked as a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney for twenty-two years.
Alan began his writing craft by studying novels by Michael McGarrity, James Hayman, and Michael Connelly.

He has authored three crime fiction novels. Two more are in the works.
Alan and his wife, Lillian, currently live in the Austin, Texas area.

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