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At this time we are accepting unsolicited review requests from all authors, to include Self, Indie, and traditionally published authors.  Please read all of the guidelines because we will refuse if they are not followed.

1. We will be honest in our review of your book.  We will not say your book sucks, even if we really want to.  We respect the amount of work it takes.  That being said, once it is “out there” it is out of our hands.  We will not send you an advance copy of the review to read. If you don’t like that we didn’t like the main character, too bad.

2. If you don’t hear from us within 1 week (usually less, but sometimes a lot longer) then we have decided for our own reasons not to read/review your book. At this time we are only accepting books in the following genres (subject to change without notice): Paranormal, Paranormal Romance,  Urban Fantasy, Horror, Speculative Fiction, Science Fiction (Limitedly), and Epic Fantasy.


Andi prefers Paranormal, Science Fiction(very picky and limited), Epic Fantasy, Horror, Urban Fantasy, Speculative Fiction, and books without a lot of romance.


Melanie prefers Horror, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, and Speculative Fiction.  (I would rather read about someone getting their face ripped off than about someone falling in love). 


3.   If we do decide to accept your book, that doesn’t mean we will review it.  If at some point during our read we decide that it isn’t what we expected or for whatever reason we decide to stop reading it, we will let you know.   If we do finish it, and review it, the review will be posted on our blog, Goodreads, and Amazon. If you would like it posted anywhere else, please request that.   We do attempt to let the authors know when the review has been published.

4. Please keep in mind that we have other books on our lists and we like to give each piece equal attention. We do not promise a time frame for a review.  If you have a reason for a book review to go up by a certain day, please let us know, and we will try.  No promises.

5. We accept books in digital and print format.  If you can provide a print version we will gladly give you our mailing address(es), but if digital is the format that you have available, we will accept that too.  We both prefer Mobi, but PDF and then Docx is okay.  Epub is impossible for Andi to read. Both Melanie and Andi prefer the real thing, but we have learned to read on anything.

6. If you feel we missed something in our review, feel free to post a comment. However, we ask that you be respectful or your comment will be removed. If you disagree with our review, see #1.  If you agree to everything above, please follow the instructions below.  If you don’t, your request will be ignored.

7. Please note that because our tastes are similar, we do share books with each other.  We do not share books outside that, and we will never, ever sell an ARC, especially if it is print as we treasure our books.  If for some reason you are not okay with a book being shared between Melanie and Andi for whatever reason, please let us know in your review request.


How to submit a review request:


  1. Read the review policy.
  2. Follow these instructions.
  3. Send us an email with your title, Publication date, word count, genre, and short summary/blurb to




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