Review: Paper by Kell Inkston


By: Kell Inkston
Genres: Dark Fantasy, Fantasy
Pages: 21
Published on: February 7, 2015
Review: Paper by Kell Inkston

Young Ralic the Twelfth is a legendary hero made for greatness. Watch as he embarks on his legendary quest, discovers the truth about his childhood, and the childhoods of every person he's ever met ever.
A "normal" fantasy adventure about a young man, a young lady, and learning that everything you know is a lie.


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Andi's Review


I receive this book from the author in exchange for a honest review. Well book is a misnomer, this is a short story, and by that I mean it is short but what the author does in those few pages really makes me question reality.


Due to the overall length I can not give you much information other than this story follows the son of the mayor of a city.  Think more Camelot and less Modern City.  Well every 20 years the son of the mayor must go forth and slay this evil magician who can resurrect himself. So though forest and meadow the son goes to kill the magician. However once he gets there everything is not as it seems and the entire story takes this left hand turn that makes you shake your head and then it takes ANOTHER left hand turn and you are like wha just happened.  Yeah that happened to me while I was reading it, and when I finished I was like where is the rest, because honestly this could have been another 100 pages and I would have been happy.


The story for how long it is is very well developed and if you look at it from a purely objective point of view you could see how the author could be talking about any facet of life.  Yeah it is one of those stories that could be about modern events but is cleverly disguised as a story.  In fact the more I think about it the more that I think it does have to do with some segments of the population.  But yeah you have to read it to figure out what my cryptic meanings are.  It is only like 20 pages long so take the chance.  I bet you wont regret it.



About Kell Inkston

Kell has been an indie author of Fantasy, Sci-fi, and more since 2009, and vehemently believes in writing books for people who dislike reading. His(Her?/Its?) goal is to provide reading for the world- as "he" believes that, while no book is truly for everyone's tastes, everyone certainly has a book for their tastes. He has published a multitude of novels and short stories, most of which can be found for free on his blog, He endeavors to stay anonymous in her writings, because he believes that were a face put to her work, it would diminish the message that anyone can write and anyone can make worthwhile art. Kell's hobbies include running, talking with people, animals (particularly birds), music and books from times long past, and delicious foods.

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