Review!! A Hint of Magic by Claire Chilton

A Hint of Magic

By: Claire Chilton
Genres: Dark Fantasy, Humor/Comedy, Paranormal
Pages: 136
Publisher: Smashwords Edition
Published on: September 22nd 2013

Dora Carridine is fed up with her life as a preacher’s daughter and sets out to explore the darker side of life instead. If she can find some magic in the world, then maybe she will find a place she belongs.
When she comes across a coven of witches, she takes on their trials to try and join them. But the witches aren’t all they appear to be, and Dora finds herself slipping into a darker world than she imagined.
She has to make a choice to do the right thing, but Dora’s never been very good at doing anything right…

Also by this author: A Hint of Hell (Paranormal Comedy), Detention, Demonic Dora
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Andi's Review


Here is the second origin story in the Demon Diaries series.  This one is of the wonderful Dora.  The Hint of Magic is technically the prequel to the series, but I feel that it should be the 2nd in the book with A Hint of Hell being first.  After you read them you will see why I think that way.  By the way, most of these books have already been reviewed by Melanie so if you want to search —–> for her reviews you can and then see how we differ.  While we are a like in many ways, there are some attributes that I like more or less than her.


Dora is your normal, well abnormal daughter of a preacher and his wife, a preacher’s wife.  He is one of those fire and brimstone kind of televangelist who makes his money preaching to the television.  Dora is not like her family however, and likes to wear black and red versus the pink that her mother wants her to wear.  In fact while she enjoys those colors, her mother has painted her entire room pink and added fluffy.   Dora hates her parents so much that she strives to become a witch by herself, however she gets wrapped up in a group of wanna be witches that do much more personal damage than real spell crafting and due to her association with them her father enjoys calling her demon spawn and demon.  Dora is technically a human, but her father doesn’t care.


Boy is he in for a shock when Dora actually does open a rift between Earth and Hell and brings forth a demon.  He is in so much shock that he and the townspeople declare that she shall burn at the stake.  Yes, her own father decides that he is going to kill his daughter, and her mother goes right along with it.  And people think their parents are bad, I bet none of yours tried to burn you alive.  Luckily Kieron is the demon lord that she brings through the rift and he helps save her life.  That is when this book ends, and the story really starts.


The quality of this writing is on par with her other origin story A Hint of Hell.  It gives more information about Kieron, which is useful in future books, especially the next one.  I also like the continuation of character development for not only Dora but for Kieron as well.  You see what makes him happy, you see what upsets him, and overall it is an interesting book.



4.5 stars



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