Review!! A Hint of Hell by Claire Chilton

A Hint of Hell

By: Claire Chilton
Pages: 136
Series: The Demon Diaries #4
Publisher: Smashwords Edition
Published on: December 15th 2013
Review!! A Hint of Hell by Claire Chilton

He's just failed at being evil...

Kieron Lascher thought his life as a minor demon lord in Hell couldn't get any worse, but when he fails his exams and is sent into another realm as punishment by his parents, he realizes that there are worse places than Hell.

With deadly beasts and evil Satan Claws roaming the frosty land, Kieron has to fight to survive. With the help of a banished succubus, he learns that he needs to find the missing codex to gain some power.

If he manages to take out Satan Claws and learn pure evil, he might be able to open a portal and go back home. But first, he has to master being truly evil to some cute little elves. That won't be difficult for a demon lord, right?

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Andi's Review


So while I guess technically this is the fourth in the series, it is the first one I read, and I think that it should be the first one in general.  If you go via the 0-1-2-3 you are going to be a little lost, at least in my mind.  Anyways, Melanie had been raving about this Demonic Dora book and I was like meh whatever.  Well finally I got to the point where I could read it and I feel in love with these books, I mean I mainlined all 6 of them in three days, right after Christmas.  What can I say, I had to travel a lot.  Well that and my minion was at my parents, and my husband was at work 🙂 so more reading time for me.


Kieron Lascher is your typical teenage demon, waiting to get his full grown horns, waiting to see if he is going to have wings like his dad or a tail like his mom.  You know all of those typical demon type things.  However, Kieron isn’t your run of the mill demon, no his horns are little, he doesn’t have black hair like his dad, and oh yeah, he really isn’t evil, I mean he can do spells, but he isn’t all about banging all of the available slutty girls, he wants to fall in love.  Love you say?  Yes, he wants all the warm, yooey, gooey stuff that humans and nasty angels think about, not big, bad demon lords.


Due to his inability to be truly evil, his teacher decides that prior to the real evil exam he was going to take a mock evil exam.  You know the kind that gets you thrown through a portal and into an icy, succubi infested land that is freaking cold to a poor little demon lord from Hell.


As you can tell this book has snarky, and it is well written shortish story about Kieron’s origins, how he got to be where he was when the rest of the series started.  It is also a really fast read, I mean with 136 pages I read it in like two hours.  Yes it was that good. What is really nice about this is that when you finish there are a bunch of other books in the series to read and so you will not be left out in the cold.


For a funny, paranormal, snarky book, it had a lot of character development as well as some insight into what Hell is really like for your ordinary teenage Demon Lord.  I was really excited about reading the rest of the books after reading this one.  I believe that you will also be pleasantly surprised and eat up the rest of the books.  This book really shows you a hint of hell, at least what the author believes Hell to be.


4.5 stars

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About Claire Chilton

A prolific writer with wide-ranging interests, Claire Chilton specialises in new adult fiction and speculative fiction, which includes genres such as science fiction, fantasy, horror, comedy and romance. Hustle, her Harlequin debut, won the publisher’s So You Think You Can Write contest on Wattpad. Her previous books include a humorous young adult science-fiction series called The Squishies Series and a paranormal comedy series, The Demon Diaries.

Claire Chilton is a web designer with an honours degree in English Literature and a passion for great stories. She’s done just about every job on the planet at least once, and she’s won an award for being ‘the most likely to trip over the red carpet and flash her arse at the cameras’.

After exploring the world in her misspent youth, travelling across Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean, she now lives in an ancient Roman city in Yorkshire with her Californian fiancé and a fluffy kitten called Shadow, who is convinced she is a bigger cat than she is.

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