Review!! Fortuna: The Coupling by S.M. Taylor

Fortuna: The Coupling

By: S.M. Taylor
Pages: 204
Publisher: Createspace
Published on: July 15th 2015
Review!! Fortuna: The Coupling by S.M. Taylor

In the tradition of Hammer Horror, 'Fortuna: The Coupling' is a Gothic fantasy of erotic horror in which Lily Ward wakes up after a car crash and she enters the pages of a Gothic romance of nightmare proportions.

'May fortune be thy misery, love be thy madness, and sleep be thy nightmare!' . . .

May Day 2013, a car crashes in a violent storm, and a young woman wakes up in Mortshire Infirmary, her memory locked shut. She is told that her name is Lily Ward and that she is engaged to be married to the charismatic and enigmatic Lord Edward Saxton, heir to the Saxton legacy. Transported to the fortress of Saxton Manor, Lily Ward is confined and captivated by the controlling mind and consuming passion of her Saxton keeper. In a race against time, Lily Ward must unravel the dark legacy inherited by Lord Saxton in order to find the key to unlock her memory and to discover the truth of who she really is before she becomes the next tragic 'Saxton Bride'.
And the truth of who she really is will take her back to the horror of May Day 1613.
This is a cross-genre novel: including elements of romance, fantasy, supernatural, horror, and fairy tale. It is vintage in style.

I received this book for free from Author Gifted in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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Andi's Review


At the beginning of this book I couldn’t figure out what was really going on.  The language was very much gothic.  I didn’t now how to feel about it but I kept reading it because I am that type of person and it got better, it got worse, and then it got better, and then it ended and I was like wow…


So the story starts with a car accident and two individuals laid up in the hospital.  Both individuals are unaware that they are calling each other’s names out and so while the nurse is attempting to help both patients, the police officer is questioning why these two individuals were even out in a night like that and what was really going on.


Fast forward to when one of the patients is released and he demands that the other patient, a young woman goes with him.  She does not remember anything and so for lack of better reasoning she decides to go with him.  That is when this book goes from okay to weird.  Apparently the man is so enthralled by the young woman that he decides that he has to marry her right away.  After being locked in her room, the woman starts to wonder what is really going on and that is when the truth starts to come out.


I don’t know how I feel about this story, it is really interesting after I got over the Gothic writing.  The overall plot and especially the ending really surprised me, good surprise, not why did I waste my time reading this surprise.  I am really interested in seeing what the author thinks will happen after the ending they wrote in.  The overall writing was good and the author did a good job at writing in a Gothic manner, even though you don’t see that much of it today.  This wasn’t in your face horror but more sneak up behind you in a dark alley and slowly wrap you up horror.


4 fangs



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About S.M. Taylor

S. M. Taylor was born and raised in Yorkshire, England. She studied at the University of London and qualified as a Teacher of English. In her teaching career she specialised as a tutor in adult education for students with special needs. She lives in a village in Calderdale, England, where she writes dark tales and walks old dogs.

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