Review!! Forget Me Not by Shawn Martin

Review!!  Forget Me Not by Shawn Martin

Forget Me Not

By: Shawn Martin
Genres: Epic, Fantasy, Fiction, General, Ghost, Paranormal, Romance
Pages: 308
Publisher: Vinspire Publishing, LLC
Published on: 2014-04-18
Review!!  Forget Me Not by Shawn Martin

Fortune has smiled on seventeen year old Aileen McCormick ever since Addison came back into her life, giving her the love she has so desperately longed for.  That is, until a mysterious man slithers across her path and slips a spellbinding cameo around her neck.  The cameo holds more than just the image of an enchantress who hungers for souls.  It possesses a curse that strangles away every memory Aileen has of Addison.Addison, a three hundred year old fugitive from the netherworld, recognizes the wretched woman inside the cameo and the curse she has cast on his unsuspecting love.  The enchanted cameo has but one purpose:  to torment Aileen with hints of love she can no longer recall.Aileen cannot escape the deadly cameo.  She runs for her life with the curse only a breath away.  If she truly wants her memory back, the enchantress is all too willing to restore it.  It will cost her, though.  Cost her everything


I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


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First of all I love love this cover.  It is very medieval with appears to be a old church from the pews and the architectural work.  The main character is portrayed in my opinion very well.


Now to the book.  I did not read the first book so I am picking up where the first book left off with Addison and Aileen.  These two are in high school and are in love with each other, but it isn’t the love until you die type of love, more the forget you due to cursed jewelry, then hate you, then love triumphs all except moving on to your signficiant other’s arch enemy… Why would you do that?  Oh because your in high school and high school sucks.  Okay maybe it doesn’t suck for everyone but I think that it kinda sucks for Aileen.


So I really enjoy the aspect of Aileen’s grandmother who lives in a haunted house and who dressed it up as the Addam’s family house, I mean seriously how much more kick ass can you be.  The knife that has a personality is a little disconcerting for me, but then I really don’t like Chucky and Chucky is a inanimate object that creeps me the F out.  I mean I see where some people would think it was cool, but things that should be lying on a table talking is creeptastic.


Do I think that this book could have ended differently?  Yeah I do, but I am not the author so why me worry :).  I really like spunk that the author has infused in the characters and the their personalities really make this book what it is.  Since this is the second one, it does take a little catching up to do, but it is pretty painless and overall I think the book is really good.


4 fangs



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About Shawn Martin

Shawn Martin calls Springfield, Missouri, home. After graduating from Missouri State University with majors in Economics and Political Science, he bounced around the Midwest only to end up right where he started.

His day (and night) job is being a firefighter. Aside from rescuing cats in trees and removing burnt pot roasts from ovens, he spends his time finding the hardest way to do the simplest of things. The rest of his time is spent weaving words into another installment in the Shadowflesh Series. Visit for a look into the author and his work.


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