Review: End Survival by Richard Farsi

End Survival

By: Richard Farsi
Genres: Apocalypse, zombie apocalypse
Pages: 87
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Published on: July 28, 2018
Review: End Survival by Richard Farsi

We wake up every day, go to work, come home and repeat the cycle. This is the life of your average working member of society and then one day you wake up thinking about another average day, but you find your life is no longer average. Tyler has always had end of the world dreams and ideas that until now all his friends have considered him a bit crazy. He went from a normal Monday-to-Friday job to searching and stockpiling food and weapons. Along his way, he meets other normal people finding their way to "safe zones" but the zombies, yes zombies, aren't making it an easy task. Is the whole state like this? The entire country? Or maybe even the world? Tyler is hell bent on finding out and will do whatever it takes to survive.....the end survival?

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End Survival by Richard Farsi is a different sort of zombie book. The main character, Tyler, isn’t the perfect hero. He’s an average guy caught in the zombie apocalypse. He’s normal. He goes to work, he washes his car, cooks for himself etc. He’s a fan of zombie books and films but is in no way an “expert” on the subject. I really like how average he is. He’s also quite funny at times.


This book is told from Tyler’s point of view. I know there are some who hate first person for one reason or another, but whatever. I don’t mind it. In this case, it gives the reader insight as to what an average survivor could experience and what could go through their minds. He’s not eloquent, he doesn’t have the superior fighting or survivalist knowledge that many zombie books have. He makes mistakes. I love that about this book. He speaks like most of us would. He’s an imperfect narrator and it works in this book.


I didn’t like that he used his guns as much as he did because I feel like that’s a rookie mistake and could potentially attract more zombies, but it worked for him, so I won’t complain too much. I thought it was strange that there aren’t more survivors, but Tyler has noticed it too so I’m excited to read the next book to find out what’s going on.


Overall, I enjoyed the hell out of this book. Tyler seems like a good guy just trying to survive and seems to be a good person at heart. I think if it were to come down to it there wouldn’t be enough people like him in an actual apocalypse. The uniqueness of the way the story told as well as having relatable characters makes this an enjoyable read for sure. I look forward to finding out what happens to Tyler in the next book.


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About Richard Farsi

Richard Farsi is from Brooklyn, NY, and father of two children and two grandchildren. He is a retired Law Enforcement Officer (NYCDC) and currently lives in Lehigh Acres, FL.

Richard was one of the original members of White Crow that began in Brooklyn, New York in 1980. He later established WC Records, LLC in 2000. An independent record label, with the mission to give an opportunity to musicians to get the music they write the exposure it deserves and manage events for artists. Although he has experienced many ups and downs Richard has carried on and is bringing beautiful music to millions of people across the world. As of 2012, White Crow has released one album, The Storm has Passed, and two singles, Sounds of Silence & Rock the Paws.

Richard is also the CEO of Silent Scream Entertainment and in August 2018 launched his book “End Survival”. A zombie dystopian thriller about the end of the world as we know it! He has been a zombie fan from an early age and has always followed and respected the work of George Romero. He loves attending Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, Orlando. His passion for Halloween does not end there, however, as he builds and manages haunted houses and sets up his own scary decorations during Halloween for others to enjoy.

Richard has been a promoter for many charity events. Previously, he was the owner of a security agency and training school, program director for Lake Worth Chamber, council member and served on Code Enforcement Board as well as Planning and Zoning Board.

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