Review!! Dragon Choir by Benjamin Descovich

Dragon Choir

By: Benjamin Descovich
Genres: Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, mythology, Fantasy & Magic
Pages: 234
Publisher: Amazon
Published on: February 2014
Review!! Dragon Choir by Benjamin Descovich

When the days stretch and the land bakes, dragons will again scour the sky.

A city of bones and a city of gold plot against each other while the rebellion gathers strength. A young man is caught in a tempest of intrigue that will forge a new era of freedom, or forever scar the land. He must discover the secret of the Dragon Choir to save his father and end the stranglehold of an unforgiven nation.

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Andi's Review


Dragon Choir is the coming of age story of a young boy who is fatherless, and therefore guildless in this world.  To be guildless means that you essentially do not have a family, you do not have tattoos that dictate that someone will revenge a beating or your death, and you do not have the ability to learn past what you may have learned at home.  This was to be the life for young Elrin when he overhears something that he is not supposed to.  Without a guild to have his back he is thrown to the proverbial dogs, but not before stealing a rare and unique weapon, a weapon that seems to call out to him.


Figuring that life on the road would be better than anything in his home city, he sets out without telling him mother, a former renowned bard, that he was leaving.  He felt the less she knew, the safer she would be, and with how the story plays out, that was probably a safe assumption.  After stowing away on a wagon train Elrin learns that even those who kill may not be the bad guys over those who use magic unjustly or for ill gotten goods.


Upon meeting the rebels, Minni and Delik, Elrin is partially forced, and partially volunteers to be part of the rebel cause, if they tell him what they know about his father and takes them to the dragon choir.  So what is the Dragon Choir, and the namesake of this book all about?  I have no idea and you won’t either until about 7/8 ths of the way through the book.  For the most part this book is about pirates, rebels, wonderful pirate coves, and the innate desire to be your own person and not be a slave to the “man” which in this case is a population who believes in a different “God” and has some very specific laws regarding slaves and those who are against “them”.


This story is good on many levels, however the ending leaves something to be desired.  There is action, different creatures, a heroine, a hero, an unknown evil force, the bad guys that aren’t totally bad, and then the really bad guys.  Overall it is a good book with characters you can relate to, and although it is set in a fantasy land, there is some social aspects that anyone can relate to.  The secrets that are carried are really interesting as well as when truths come out.


So here is why it didn’t get a five star rating, because I am sure that you are asking yourself that after I raved about it in the previous paragraph.  The ending, it really boils down to how fast the ending came about and how there were so many loose ties, and no real resolutions honestly.  The bad guys are still bad, the okay bad guys are still okay bad, the good guys are there.  Also while it is named the Dragon Choir and that name makes sense towards the end of the book, I really was hoping to see or hear more about dragons.  Don’t get me wrong, the social injustices are an important part of this book, but it needed more magic, and more dragons.


4.5 stars



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