Review!! Desire’s Doom by Daniel McEwen

Desire's Doom

By: Daniel McEwen
Pages: 122
Published on: July 7, 2015
Review!! Desire’s Doom by Daniel McEwen

What if the last time you had sex was the last time you had sex? Here's how it could happen....Earth drifts through the tail of a passing comet, the most spectacular celestial event humanity has ever witnessed. In it's wake, every man on Earth is left utterly devoid of a sex drive, a condition doctors name Arrested Libido Syndrome (ALS). Tsunamis of divorce and domestic violence sweep across nations worldwide, swamping legal systems, bankrupting social services and engulfing societies in sudden, radical upheaval. Plummeting birth rates place entire cultures on the Endangered Species list. Governments fall, fanatics rise. And yet its a personal rivalry between two women that ultimately decides mankind’s destiny.

Hilary Brandt, delighted she no longer has to fend off her husband's frequent advances, believes its the best of times. She's the coldly-calculating CEO of a multi-national pharmaceutical firm profiting handsomely from ALS thanks to its patented DIY insemination kits. But it is the worst of times for Brandt's protégé, Juliana Monroe, the publicist for a female Viagra. She grieves for the loss of her long-time lover, a botanist named Wade Geddings. Geddings, like legions of young men devastated by ALS, has retreated from Monroe, joining a research expedition that takes him deep into the Amazon jungle where he and his colleagues stumble upon a cure for ALS. On learning of this incredible discovery, Brandt plots to have the entire expedition murdered before they can reveal their discovery. When Monroe discovers Brandt’s treachery, their simmering rivalry explodes into a final, fateful clash.

Originally an entry in a 1998 writing contest, Desire's Doom is ten chapters in length, each representing a year in the ALS pandemic and each prefaced by a 'profile' of that year's most telling social/economic/political events. Speculative story-telling as disturbing as it is darkly comic, Desire's Doom, puts a unique spin on the global apocalypse genre.

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Andi's Review


Maybe I shouldn’t have read this book, although the premise sounded interesting.  Honestly this book makes almost no sense, and then the ending… I will get to that.


So this story is about a comet that comes by earth and with it all sexual feelings that men have, I mean they can’t have sex, they don’t want sex, sex is a non entity for them.  Technically it was Desire’s Doom, which I am sure is where the title came from.  Women on the other hand are still as sexual as they were prior to the comet.  You can see how this would cause some issues.  Well there are threeish main characters; Geddings, a botanist, his long time girlfriend Monroe, and her boss Brandt.  Okay so Brandt is the daughter of the CEO of a drug company and Monroe is the sex pistol that she has working with her to get sales.  Brandt is power hungry and will do anything that she has to to get ahead.  Monroe uses her body, but I am not completely sure she sleeps her way to the top, well I think she did but then she was with Geddings and I don’t know their relationship status other than he leaves to go to the Amazon to meet some long forgotten tribes with a crew of scientists.


So this comet come screeching by and takes the libido of every man on earth.  The book is set up that each chapter is a year in the history of this disorder and it briefly talks about what is happening to the nation and the world.  Well obviously all hell breaks loose when men can no longer have sex, they become despondent, suicidal, loving, etc.  Women on the other hand also become despondent, suicidal, lesbian.   Well a drug comes along that is supposed to help men, but Brandt wants nothing to do with it, what she wants is to put her company on the map by reinventing artificial insemination to ensure that the population of the world stays at least there since the birth rates have completely zeroed out.


Everything is going well until the drug for men starts killing them, and Geddings and his group find what could be a cure.  That is when Brandt’s true side comes out and hopes to keep her livelihood alive.


So this book was weird, and I mean really weird.  Some of the writing didn’t make sense and I couldn’t quite understand the need for this book.  I was going to put it down and DNF but the author’s research into the drug industry really intrigued me so I kept reading. It did get a little better towards the middle and end but then the end happened very fast and didn’t end, I mean it didn’t end, it left you hanging and this is not the type of book that I would expect to have a cliff hanger.  In fact it upset me, it didn’t upset me that the book was over, I was okay with that, no what upset me was the fact that the author didn’t finish the book.  It was like the author was like “mmm that sounds good, okay toast” and NEVER CAME BACK.  So while the book was not really bad, it was also not really good.  Truly I was hoping for more and this book left me wanting more.


3 fangs


About Daniel McEwen

Dan McEwen is a former speechwriter, copywriter, script writer, ghostwriter, storyteller, playwright and journalist whose by-line has appeared in several national and international publications. Retired, he lives with his three cats and a dog in Ridgetown, Ontario.

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