Deceased Dora by Claire Chilton

Deceased Dora

By: Claire Chilton
Publisher: Smashwords Edition
Published on: July 14th 2014

After being expelled from Hell, she woke up in her own coffin…
When Dora Carridine wakes up in her coffin, the first thing she plans to do is find out what happened to her friends since they were also exiled from Hell. But Dora didn’t come back entirely human, and everyone keeps trying to kill her.
If she manages to avoid being bitten by an over-amorous, Victorian vampire, being captured by the Vatican and being roasted alive by her neighbors, then hopefully she can find Kieron and find out what she really is.
But first, she has to put an end to an ancient war amongst the paranormal beings on Earth. How hard can that be?

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I received this book for free from Author Gifted in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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Andi's Review


Deceased Dora is the third or in my order the fourth book in the Demon Diaries series by Claire Chilton.  If you have not read Demonic Dora, please skip the next paragraph.  



In this story Dora, Kieron, and Pooey have been thrown out of Hell because of their activities in the arena.  To catch everyone up, Dora became a demon, she started kicking ass and taking names in the Arena, Kieron was supposed to fight her, he couldn’t, she started fighting him.  Kieron’s real identity was revealed when Dora was imbued with her soul chips.  For soul chips to be returned to the original body, it must be done by an angelic being.  Yes Kieron is half Demon and Half Angel and boy was his father pissed.




So with Dora awakening in a coffin she is not only worried about herself being deceased, but also her companions, since she has no idea where they were thrown.  After digging herself out of the coffin Dora realizes that her father is not the deranged preacher he was before, now he has gone completely off his rocker and between the townspeople and her father.  Dora is in a run for her life away from the individuals who want to kill her.   Thankfully she found a vampire who may be able to help her.  With him, she realizes that below the surface of human life there is sinister war going on between the Werewolves and the Vampires.



Dora is concerned that her life is so difficult between vampires and werewolves but Kieron and poor pooey have it just hard if not harder than Dora.  At least Dora has multiple people trying to keep her safe, even if they are trying to kill each other.  This story continues with Dora needing to not only save herself, but save her parents, her church, and even the earth as they know it.  However in her drive to set things straight, she realizes that those powers imbued in her by Hell may actually be killing her.



This book picks up right after Demonic Dora ends.  What is nice about that is I am not wondering what happened in-between the two books or trying to read a chapter or two about all the things that happened.  Another thing that I really enjoyed is that the author has maintained the continuity and writing style of the books.  Some authors change the way they write in later books and I am glad that this has not happened.



This book allows for the reader to learn more about Kieron now that he has his new abilities.  It also details more about Dora’s abilities now that she is out of Hell.  This story is funny, this story is sad, this story is snarky.  It has everything going for it and I really enjoyed it.  I think that of the five books in the series this is my second favorite.  I really like Demonic Dora.  The only thing that I didn’t like was that I really want to know more about Pooey’s origin, there is something going on there and I want to know what happened to make him the cute, fanged, teddy bear that he is.  Other than that I really enjoyed this one along with the previous three and I am looking forward to the fifth and I hope not final segment of Kieron and Dora.  Also, Kieron sounds HOT, I want a demon with tiny horns and a yummy body to appear and safe me, or seduce me, either way :).
4.5 stars

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About Claire Chilton

A prolific writer with wide-ranging interests, Claire Chilton specialises in new adult fiction and speculative fiction, which includes genres such as science fiction, fantasy, horror, comedy and romance. Hustle, her Harlequin debut, won the publisher’s So You Think You Can Write contest on Wattpad. Her previous books include a humorous young adult science-fiction series called The Squishies Series and a paranormal comedy series, The Demon Diaries.

Claire Chilton is a web designer with an honours degree in English Literature and a passion for great stories. She’s done just about every job on the planet at least once, and she’s won an award for being ‘the most likely to trip over the red carpet and flash her arse at the cameras’.

After exploring the world in her misspent youth, travelling across Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean, she now lives in an ancient Roman city in Yorkshire with her Californian fiancé and a fluffy kitten called Shadow, who is convinced she is a bigger cat than she is.

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