Review!! Come to the Cemetery by Jackson Chase Dean

Come to the Cemetery

By: Jackson Dean Chase
Pages: 48
Series: Young Adult Horror #1
Published on: February 2, 2015
Review!! Come to the Cemetery by Jackson Chase Dean

A weird tale of ghostly love and revenge!

All of sixteen-year-old Cara Jones's friends are dead. Their bodies were found lying atop the same grave in Duskhaven Cemetery. The coroner's report lists the girls' cause of death as "massive cerebral hemorrhage," but Cara doesn't believe it. She knows something strange and terrible is happening.

When Cara hears a voice in her head commanding her to "Come to the cemetery," she knows time is running out. With no one else to turn to, Cara asks her secret crush, Jake Rogers, for help. As they begin to put together clues, the mysterious voice gets louder and it feels like she's losing her mind...

Can Jake and Cara unravel the ancient secret before she joins her friends in death?

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Andi's Review


Come to the Cemetery by Jackson Chase Dean is a short story that is part of his collection “Young Adult Horror”  This story is sad in many different ways.  16 year old Cara has just lost three of her best friends and she feels at a loss for what to do.  During this time a young man, Jake, started to make advances towards her and she is beyond happy that he is showing interest.  However at the same time she is saddened and really confused by why three of her young, vibrant friends died within days of each other.


As Halloween gets closer, it is apparent that there is much more going on at the cemetery than the burying of bodies.  When Cara is called to come to the cemetery she does what she is told, but Jake is right behind her.  There are supernatural elements at play that if Cara doesn’t ask Jake for help, she may end up like her friends, or worse.


I enjoyed this story, it was short, but it was really sweet in a sad sort of way.  The writing is good and the story with the plot is pretty interesting.  The story, especially with the Mormon connection is really good and makes you wonder what happens after death.  The best part of the book for me is the last two pages, the fact that Jake does what he does to protect Cara is by far the sweetest thing.  While this is horror, for me it was more of a sad love story.  One that had a interesting twist.  What? You should I was going to say happy ending?  You know my rules on spilling beans.


4 fangs




About Jackson Dean Chase

Jackson Dean Chase brings you Bold Visions of Dark Places. He is the author of the Horror Writers' Phrase Book, The Haunting of Hex House, The Werewolf Wants Me, Come to the Cemetery, Gore Girls, and other scary things...

He lives near Seattle with two cats and no fear.

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