Review!! Coffin Riders by James W. Bodden

Coffin Riders

By: James W. Bodden
Publisher: Necro Publications
Published on: June 19th 2015
Review!! Coffin Riders by James W. Bodden

The worst part about hell?There aren’t enough towels.

Bloom deep-throats the barrel, and pulls the trigger. He waits for Lorraine to follow him into the afterlife, just like they planned, but she never shows. Death has no pay off.

He drops down to the underworld, a place called Paradise Cove, an assisted afterlife facility masquerading as a cheap hotel deep in the bowels of the earth. A modern day Dante, Bloom searches desperately for a way out of hell. He journeys through the nine known underworlds in a mad search for his lady love to take the revenge he thinks he is owed.Death is a spiral: the deeper you go the worse it gets.

I received this book for free from Author Gifted in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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Bloom and his girlfriend Lorraine decide that they are no longer want to be part of the mortal world and that they are so far distant and not needed that they decide to commit suicide.  However, things go sideways when Bloom kills himself and starts to fall into Limbo without Lorraine.  After waiting for her until the men in white doctor jackets tell him he has to go to the next stage.  After awhile he realizes that Lorraine is not coming he tries to integrate into the community as it sits.  That means a room with a chair, no bathroom, a bunch of towels, and dead people everywhere.  Oh and Mr. Grimmy watching the people on the beach.


When Bloom starts to be disillusioned with being at the beach which honestly like 2 hours after he gets the tour and the towels he starts to branch out and see what else is in this version of hell.  When he starts to push the boundaries of what is allowed and what the Grim Reaper permits there comes a time when Bloom must face the music and decide if wanting to go terrorize Lorraine is what he really wants or if he wants to stay in hell.   When the Grim Reaper lets him in on a secret that allows him to be a Coffin Riders he can finally fill out the destiny he wants, or can he?


So this book is really a mixed bag for me.  It started off really weird, the articulation wasn’t there for me and honestly it was a little confusing.  After that though it slowed down a little and I was able to understand it more.  The overall plot is good, there are some things that make you wonder.  I like some of the elements that he added, and the visualizations were throw up worthy in the best sense.  I don’t know why dead wouldn’t sleep though and I personally would be sleeping, I mean even if your body is falling apart.  Oh and the bathroom “humour” like literally stuff about going the bathroom or lack thereof was not needed in my opinion, although I think it did round out a whole picture of what would happen when you die.


4 fangs


About James W. Bodden

James W. Bodden is the author of the novels the Red Light Princess, and Coffin Riders. He’s down some dank Cold War bunker, helmet on, and braced for impact.

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