Review!! Carrier by Timothy Johnson


By: Timothy Johnson
Pages: 371
Publisher: Smashwords Edition
Published on: November 4th 2014
Review!! Carrier by Timothy Johnson

With Earth's resources on the verge of exhaustion and worldwide civil war imminent, we looked to the stars for answers. Beneath the surface of lifeless planets, we found all the resources we could ever consume.
Stellan Lund is chief security officer aboard the Atlas, a carrier. Life on a carrier is peaceful. As long as the Atlas' crew does its job, the New Earth Council leaves them alone. The only risk is an occasional case of black madness, a mental-break condition that is thought to be caused by extended deep space travel. It's a small risk to take for freedom.
But then Adelynn Skinner, an agent of the New Earth Council, boards and orders the Atlas to uncharted territory where a dying planet with unidentified material waits. It could be the key to ending New Earth's civil war—or it could end civilization as they know it. They will break protocol and mine the planet before its red giant star consumes it because some risks are worth taking.

Stellan isn't about to let Skinner jeopardize the Atlas or its crew, but with mounting disturbances and rising concern over the black madness, Stellan struggles just to hold the ship together.

When an accident exposes some of the crew to the alien material, reports of black madness escalate. But something about these cases is different—and it seems to be spreading.

Combining character-rich storytelling, a dynamic plot, dystopian themes, and suspense that builds into an avalanche, Carrier follows Stellan Lund as he discovers he carries the fate of a world and that sacrificing whatever remains of his soul may be necessary to survive. Carrier is an action-packed, horrifying contemplation of what it means to be human and heroic, ultimately investigating how the most beautiful human traits may lead to the destruction of all that we hold dear.
Because some risks are worth taking. What would you risk to survive?

I received this book for free from Author Gifted in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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Andi's Review


Sometimes science fiction is hard to read because it is highly technical or you get lost among all the new words and phases that people use to create a new world and people.  What is really nice about this is that this book is nothing like that.  The main characters are on a ship called Atlas that is travelling along what could be described as a really long, really black wormhole from Earth to another solar system that has the minerals that are needed to maintain earth.


At this time they have the capabilities to essentially strip mine a planet via machine that sucks it up and then can transport it to a cargo hold.  Well the first half of the book is about their trip there, with a couple of chapters during the meet up and then the rest of the book about the return trip, or what should be the return trip.  However of course not everything goes as planned.  In fact this goes so far sideways that what people though was mania is something completely different.


Lund, whose wife is the doctor is the chief security officer for a rather large ship that has many souls along with multiple levels, and a interesting lift system that allows for individuals to move between levels and offices.  This lift system is unique and really important to the story.  A lift you say?  Yes, while obviously this is not the main point of the story, it does play an important part.  Another important part of this is Skinner who is an agent for an organization that is above the law and also in charge of the law.  Think of them as the NSA/CIA/FBI all rolled into one.  While they had some issues on the way to the foreign planet it was ordinary in the fact that when you are going through the blackness you start seeing things.  However once they come to the miner an accident causes many more issues to occur.  In fact the issues are so bad that there is the ultimatum of what to do.  The Atlas changed from a carrier of people to a carrier of the unknown.


This book was relatively long, it doesn’t seem that way by page number, but overall it is a little long in the sense that it does set up what is going on and there is a lot of conversation.  That conversation while it does not detract from the story line and in many instances it adds to the story line.  While this is a science fiction, it does border on horror and there are some situations where it very much more horror rather than just traditional science fiction.  I overall enjoyed the book and I enjoy the author’s writing style for the most part.


4 fangs



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About Timothy Johnson

Timothy Johnson is the author of the sci-fi/horror novel Carrier, published by Permuted Press. Nothing frightens him more than the future, so he writes about it in hopes that he is wrong.

He lives in Washington, D.C., with his wife and his dog. Carrier is his first novel.

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