Review and Giveaway!! The Boogieman by Claire Amber

The Boogieman

By: Claire Amber
Genres: Horror
Pages: 372
Publisher: Bookbaby
Published on: May 12, 2014
Review and Giveaway!!  The Boogieman by Claire Amber

We follow 6 young women into a collaborated dream sequence hosted by the urban-legendary Boogieman.

Who will stay and who will wake up in cold sweat after witnessing such abominations of imagery called "nightmares"? Our host thus accompanies the girls to 6 different worlds and the final 7th world in their dream where he will claim what he was promised to receive. They shall venture through the past events of the USA's 1950s, the future, a lone island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the lost tomb of pharaoh Aswadbomani, a haunted mansion, the Middle Ages and finally those who are left shall see the gardens of Eden. Meet our lovely ladies: Sarah, the self-proclaimed detective, Giselle, the smart one, Natalie, one gritty b***h, Elizabeth, the cunning explorer, Lucille, that one character who is prone to getting into dangerous situations and then the others have to rescue her, and Hellen, the cheerful Miss Goody Two-Shoes who went to sleep only asking for one simple sex dream. They are each given a chance of a lifetime. A chance to unlock secrets to their salvation, hidden within the symbolism of their dreams... and a few very steamy encounters.

How this creature that brought the girls together came to exist and what his motives and goals are will all be revealed. He has nothing to hide, but he finds amusement in letting people figure some things out for themselves.

Think what you like, but you have been warned. The host of dreams in not only mystical, cryptic, perverted and fun-loving, but has also been proven to be quite dangerous if not approached with caution. We do not share the same definition of "fun".

With all of that in mind, I ask you this... Would you shake hands with the monster that lives in your closet?


I received this book for free from Blog Tour in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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Hello all,  So for this morning I am reviewing The Boogieman by Claire Amber.


This is a spin on the boogieman, the creature that many parents threaten their children with if they do not behave.  This boogieman takes individuals, in this case 6 women into a shared dream, a dream that he can do whatever he wants in.


It is a really good idea and I like where I think the author was going.  The execution however is slightly flawed.  It just runs slow for me the entire time, that doesn’t mean it is a bad book, just that it is slow, and at over 300 pages it honestly took a long time for me to read it.  It also bounced around a lot and without using the women’s names but instead their hair color or “the tall one” it was really hard for me to keep track of what was going on all the time.  I think that if it was slowed down, which I know sounds strange because I previously said it was too slow, but if the author had only looked at three women at a time, or not jumped around it would be really a good book.

3.5 stars

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About Claire Amber

Claire Amber is a young artist and literature enthusiast that seeks to perfect her craft and share her visions with the world. Her out-of-the-box way of thinking and immensely high levels of imagination will leave you wondering how someone was even able to think up the things you will see in her work. Having a thing for monster erotica, mystery and adventure, she mixes all three of those ingredients to bake some weird and high calorie cupcakes of literature and art.

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