Review: Among Wolves by R.A. Hakok


By: R.A. Hakok
Pages: 289
Series: Children Of The Mountain #1
Published on: July 10, 2015
Review:  Among Wolves by R.A. Hakok

It has been ten years since the Last Day, and the Juvies huddle inside the mountain, waiting for the world to thaw. But outside the storms still rage, and supplies are running low. Kane says they are the Chosen Ones, but sixteen-year-old Gabriel isn’t so sure.

Then while out scavenging Gabriel finds a bloodstained map. The blood's not a problem, nor are the frozen remains of the person it once belonged to; there's far worse to be found in any Walmart or Piggly Wiggly you care to wander into. Except this one he recognizes. It shouldn't be here. Now all Gabriel can think of is how he's going to get back to Eden and let Kane know what he's found.

But Gabriel's troubles are only just beginning. For things are not as they seem in Eden, and soon he will face a much larger problem: how to get Mags and the other Juvies out.

I received this book for free from Author Gifted in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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Andi's Review


This book started off pretty religious and so I was worried that the entire tone of the book would be about God and how God saved these children from an unfortunate event. The book does SO much more than that though and you will be in for a ride.  Be aware that this book jumps between the books “current” day and two distinctive dates in the past.  Essentially it is three stories are going along at the same time.  I will get to this more in a bit.


“The Last Day”, otherwise known as the day that young Gabriel along with his classmates were fortunately whisked away with the President of the United States of America to an undisclosed location to wait out the event.  This undisclosed location is a underground bunker that serves as the home for not only the children and the president but some guards for 10 years.


This story starts 10 years from when the children were first moved to the bunker and right before they turn 16 which is when they were to be matched with their life partner.  That of course is determined by the President who is also the religious leader.  Over the course of the 10 years there were individuals who had been injured or killed during the course of scavenging,  but the real issue was that with that many individuals living in such a small area there had to be a lot of food, and over time that food supply had run thin.   That is why scavenging was so important, and why Gabriel risks his life frequently to get the supplies that maintained the ability for them to all live in the bunker.


This book as I said before is pretty religious feeling at the beginning.  A lot of the saved, and the chosen ones and I was honestly kind of wary to be reading it.  However I pushed through the initial religious overtones and the book really opened up after that.  I understood why religion played a big role in not only the current story but the past stories as well.


Now that is one thing that I could not get over and honestly I kind of skimmed one of the back stories.  I enjoyed the history of Gabriel and his classmates and I enjoyed the present,  however for me the past about how “the last day” came about was not needed and slowed the book down.  I think that it would have been a great prequel novella to explain why things were the way they were, and I get why it was there because it does wrap up in the book, but for me it was not needed.  Okay, maybe needed, but not to the depth that it was presented.


I just realized that this is the second or third book that I have read that has a religious undertone.  I think that is both a good thing and a bad thing.  A good thing because it makes me think about what is right and wrong with religions, a bad thing because some people say “oh hey this is a great genre, lets write a bunch” and then the theme gets sloppy and not as interesting.  So far it is still interesting so let’s cross our fingers that good authors continue to tell good stories. If you don’t understand the title, there is an old story about a wolf among the sheep, those who are religious are commonly referred to as a flock of sheep and the religious leader is the shepherd.


4.5 fangs


About R.A. Hakok

R.A. Hakok grew up in Ireland but lives in London. Viable was his first novel but is soon to be followed by Among Wolves. For further details and to download additional material go to

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