Rest in Peace, Baby by Vicente Morales

Rest in Peace, Baby

By: Vicente Morales
Pages: 104
Rest in Peace, Baby by Vicente Morales

One badass girl, a shitload of murderous narcos, and nonstop action from the opening line.

This is a no holds barred introductory action sequence filled with deliciously unrealistic action, an over the top heroine, and an unhealthy dose of dark humor. It's a blazing fast 90-page read.


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Rest in Peace baby is a short story/novella depending on your personal word count preferences.  In Mexico, a sold woman is waiting for the man of the house. The treatment by the men in the house of the drug lord is horrendous. At the same time another young woman is slowly approaching the house in hopes of seeing a specific man, a man that she is going to kill.


Following the initial slowness with the two women, the rest of the story flies by, literally in some cases.  Being able to handle a gun is very good for Baby.  In fact in some instances she is as dark as night, and just as deadly.  Making one mistake can cost her, and the slave their lives, if they can get out of the house alive to begin with.


This is a good story about a young assassin who is also a woman. There are many situations that her abilities by themselves would not have saved her. However, I believe that she also has a little bit of luck on her side.  Maybe it isn’t luck, but fate pushing her to do what she feels she must. It isn’t long, but this is intense. The whole feeling of it is of intensity and a time constraint. I could see this being part of a Quentin Tarantino movie.


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About Vicente Morales

I write no holds barred thriller fiction, and I prefer to let my work speak for itself. Family friendly thrillers? Nah. Thrillers without tons of cursing? No thanks. Crime thrillers neutered by political correctness? Pass. Crime fiction without boatloads of violence? Count me out.

I prefer badass heroines going toe to toe with evil narcos (and mysterious figures of power, as you'll eventually see in the Badass Mexican Girl thriller series) in dangerous settings.

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