Release Day!! The Secret of the Lycaon by Jesse Bond

By: Jesse Bond

Andi here, come hang out for a spell while I tell you about a book that releases today.

Jesse Bond is the author of the Freedom Wolves series. Of which, the second book coming out today, “The Secret of the Lycaon”.

Read a bit more about the book, after checking out the cover.



Five years after the formation of the Alliance, the wolves of Lycaon are protected by the powerful Alpha Mason and a mysterious magical barrier. When the second in command, Beta Theo digs into the Alpha’s past, he discovers more than he bargained for, including hundreds of prisoners of war.


Theo must determine where his loyalties lie, who he can save, and what’s best for his pack. Luckily, he has a powerful team at his disposal, including Troy who just moved from the White River Pack. Life throws Theo a curve ball, when he discovers the leader of the prisoners is a rare female Alpha, and also his fated mate. Treachery runs deep, as the wolves battle together in an attempt to free the Terra Pack, set things to right with Alpha Mason, and learn the importance of trust and love along the way.


Doesn’t this sound like a really interesting story? Recently I have actually read a couple of books that describe female wares as being rare. Even rarer to have them as an alpha.  Then I have read books where all the women seem to be alphas.  I really like reading about the fictitious (or is it) life of weres, and how people see their pack structure, their genetics, and the reason they are around.


Ready to buy it? I thought you would be.




Learn more about Jesse Bond, the author.

About Jesse Bond

Jesse Bond is the pen name for fiction author Heather MacDougall. Her writing career started in 2020 when she became enthralled by contemporary and paranormal romance. Living in Colorado, she enjoys the great outdoors with her family, gaming, and writing her next spicy novel.



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