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I used to hate writing, I mean really hate writing.  When I was in undergrad I had to write a lot, for history classes, for sociology classes, for everything.  I didn’t do that good honestly.  Overtime I hated it less and less, but when I had to write two thesis for graduation I realized how much I did really hate it.   After taking a year off before graduate school I moved to Hawaii and stated my Master’s degree.  I had to write even more, and I actually started enjoying it, but it was purely for class work, nothing for fun.  Towards the end of my degree I started a blog and I realized I started to enjoy it.  It was a personal blog, not one that reviewed anything.


I have always been a reader, but it wasn’t until 2013 that I started reading more.  When our friend Little Read Riding Hood asked for a blogger, I jumped at the chance.  I was accepted and I wrote for that blog for awhile.  The reason that I switched over is that my love is not in the romance side that Little Read is primarily based in.  When I met a former Little Read blogger who had made her own account, I started talking to her about moving over.  My love is the darker, more intense vampire based books that I read on this blog.  I wrote my high school senior thesis on the history of Vampires, real history, not TV history.


That was Summer of 2013 and I have been here ever since.  I really like the freedom that I have as a co-blogger, and the relationships that I have made not only with Melanie, but also with authors.  There are some authors that when I see them at conferences, they know who I am.  That is big for me, because we don’t get paid to do this, and so for us it is the connections and the friendships we make.


So that is my story on why I blog.  Why do you blog?  Why do you read our blog?  What can we do better?



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