Double Barrel Horror: Punk Rock Re-animator/ Holes by Chad Lutzke

Double Barrel Horror: Punk Rock Re-animator/ Holes

By: Chad Lutzke
Genres: Horror
Pages: 21
Series: Double Barrel Horror
Publisher: Pint Bottle Press
Published on: June 22, 2017
Double Barrel Horror: Punk Rock       Re-animator/ Holes by Chad Lutzke


A Double Dose of Twisted Tales from author Chad Lutzke


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Punk Rock Re-Animator and Holes by Chad Lutzke are 2 super short stories contained in one book in the Double Barrel Horror series. That being said, they are both very quick reads. You really don’t have time to lose interest it goes by so fast.


Punk Rock Re-Animator took me a minute to get into but as soon as I did, I was hooked. I’d actually like to know what happens next. It was somewhat gory. There used to be a rumor years ago about someone going around in clubs with a needle, sticking people, and infecting them with HIV. Now, I have no idea if any of it was true, but that’s what this story reminded me of.


Holes was most definitely different. There’s a guy in his apartment with a telescope. He sees across the way the neighborhood bully who has been tormenting everyone for years. He is strapped to the table and appears to be being tortured. It’s kind of disgusting, but interesting to see if the narrator is going to do anything about what he is seeing.


I recommend this book to anyone with a strong stomach who is looking for a super quick read.


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About Chad Lutzke

Chad lives in Battle Creek, MI. with his wife, children, and far too many dogs. For over two decades, he has been a contributor to several different outlets in the independent music and film scene including articles, reviews, and artwork. Chad loves music, rain, sarcasm, dry humor, and cheese. He has a strong disdain for dishonesty and hard-boiled eggs. He has written for Famous Monsters of Filmland, Rue Morgue and Scream magazine. He is a regular contributor to Horror Novel Reviews, Halloween Forevermore and Heavy Planet. His fictional work can be found in several magazines and anthologies including his own 18-story anthology, NIGHT AS A CATALYST. He has written a collaborative effort with horror author Terry M. West, THE HIM DEEP DOWN. In the summer of 2016, Lutzke released his dark coming-of-age novella OF FOSTER HOMES AND FLIES which has been praised by authors Jack Ketchum, James Newman, John Boden, and many others. Later in 2016, Lutzke released his contribution to bestselling author J. Thorn's AMERICAN DEMON HUNTER series with AMERICAN DEMON HUNTERS: BATTLE CREEK, MI. Winter 2017 will see the release of WALLFLOWER, a story about addiction, delusions, and flowers.

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