Pimp in the Pulpit 2 by Thomas McRae

Pimp in the Pulpit Part (2)

By: Thomas Leslie McRae
Genres: Humor/Comedy
Pages: 50
Series: ,
Publisher: Eber & Wein
Pimp in the Pulpit 2 by Thomas McRae



The family is back for another installment of when families go bad. When you have a sister who pretends to be salt of the Earth, but is really just a wolf in sheep’s disguise.  Family is important, but for this family it isn’t as important as it should be.  I guess they just want to see what they want, but don’t really care how it affects their family.


With how short the first book was, the length of this one is the same, and so it really acts like this is just a second chapter of a book that came a week later.  I enjoyed it as you enjoy watching a train wreck, you just can’t look away.   All families have issues, and that is a fact. If a family pretends that there isn’t issues then that is exactly what they are doing, pretending, and it is all a lie.  It is kind of like Arrested Development when they want to pretend their family is all perfect and then he realizes that you know his father is guilty, his mom only wants the prestige of having money, his brothers are horrible, and his sister is in a bad marriage.


There are only so many times that you can look beyond issues with your family before you just have to cut them out of your life, and while I am sure it sucks for the family in the book to finally cut ties, but it needed to be done. Not only for their sanity, but in some instances their bank accounts and their lives.


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