Ambrosia by Madison Wheatley


By: Madison Wheatley
Genres: Paranormal Suspense
Pages: 160
Publisher: Authors 4 authors
Published on: 10-13-2019
Ambrosia by Madison Wheatley

Two words have haunted Crystal for years: fat pig.
So when a handsome and athletic stranger promises that his gym will change her life, how can she say no? With its cutting-edge facilities, beyond-friendly staff, and endless free samples of Ambrosia, their signature energizing sports drink, Mount Olympus seems too perfect to be real—and maybe it is. Crystal needs it all, but is she willing to lose more than just weight?
Authors 4 Authors Content Rating
This title has been rated 17+, appropriate for older teens and adults, and contains:Frequent negative fantasy drug use
Graphic violence
Strong language
Moderate implied sex
Emotional abuse
Attempted suicide
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What is funny is this book is about losing weight and having a bad view of yourself. I recently lost 40+ lbs in the last 6 months.  There was no specific reason why I started working on losing the weight, but here I am.


But I digress. Crystal thinks of herself has a pig. She was overweight, ugly, and just disgusting in her own mind. Why? because someone that was close to her yelled that at her, and so for her that was the nail in the coffin.  So she went to work, and then to the gym, if she had the energy.


A handsome stranger let Crystal in on the best kept secret. A new gym in town. While flirting with her, she started to slightly believe that a guy like that could want a girl like her. So why not? She took a chance and went to look at the gym. She was hooked. Literally, she was hooked. Then things get weird, from the drink of Ambrosia that gives you energy to the fact that it seems like all the employees are the same.


Days go by, weeks go by, who knows how long people are in the gym. When you have outside forces playing games, things get a bit tricky. This story isn’t just about the gym but about Crystal. What she does to make herself better, regardless of the pressures around her. When you have someone telling you every day something, you start to believe it, but Crystal is stronger than that.


The publisher set a rating of 17+ on goodreads, however I disagree. I think that teenagers can and should read this book. It talks about the dangers of believing others over yourself. There are real life things that teenagers are going through and trying to keep the truth and help from them won’t do anyone any good. Overall a good story that not only delivered what it promised but much more.


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About Madison Wheatley

Madison Wheatley is a poet and speculative young adult/new adult writer from Jackson, TN. Since her graduation from Harding University in 2014, she has been teaching middle school and high school English Language Arts. Her poetry has been published in Seltzer (2014) and Cave Region Review (2014), and she is a contributing author in Seven Deadly Sins, A YA Anthology: Avarice (2018) and Secrets in Our Cities (2018). Her debut novel Ambrosia, a new adult paranormal thriller, was released by Authors 4 Authors Publishing on October 13, 2019.

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Devil’s Road by Gary Gibson

Devil’s Road

By: Gary Gibson
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 146
Publisher: Brain in a Jar Books
Published on: 3-2-2020
Devil’s Road by Gary Gibson

GUNS, CARS AND KAIJU: Death Race 2000 meets Pacific Rim in a gritty tale of survival and redemption.
Nobody has taken part in the Devil’s Run annual road race as often as Dutch McGuire and lived to tell the tale.

The racecourse circumnavigates the post-apocalyptic ruins of Teijouan, and with a choice between being eaten by the monstrous Kaiju that prowl the island’s devastated cities or murdered by her fellow racers, the odds against surviving another Run, let alone winning it, are slim.

Dutch doesn’t care about the odds nearly so much as she cares about getting back behind the wheel of her beloved Ford Falcon—except for one problem: she’s spent the last five years incarcerated in a high-security prison for her part in a heist.

So when a crooked billionaire offers to put her back in the race on condition she uses it as cover for a secret retrieval operation, she can’t refuse.

Can Dutch survive assassins, monsters, and psychopathic drivers long enough to complete her mission as well as take part in the race—or is this the year death finally catches up with her in a blazing tangle of wreckage?

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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Every year where I live there is a car race of sorts with the name of The Gambler 500. It’s original mission was for the racing community to come together and clean up the roads they drive on. Also the 500 means your vehicle can not be worth over 500 dollars. Which having seen some of them, and having some at my parent’s business, I can tell you that 500 is arbitrary. Lately however, it is just a big party. Now there is nothing wrong with a party, I like a good party. However, when the original mission of cleaning isn’t happening then what is the purpose?


Devil’s road is about a car race, but it is also about the future, the past, and what a single person can do to make things right. In the future when a portal unleashes terrifying monsters, a brave few every year race through the island, trying to beat not only the other racers, but the monsters.  Only a few people have seen the Kaiju and was able to tell others about it. Dutch McGuire is not only a racer, but she is one of the only people to successfully survive the Devil’s race multiple times.


That is why when she finds herself in a far off prison someone works to set her free. Their letting her go is not without wanting something in return. They want her to race in the Devil’s race. She is all for that, I mean if she can get her car. However, they want her to do specific things while there. One of which is to not finish the race. Something that Dutch has never done, and her intelligence and questions start to get her in trouble.


Now I am all for a good car story, I have read a couple lately actually. Add in monsters, a race with no real winner, and a dystopian type future? Sign me up. This is a good story, and one with an end that I was not expecting. It was the end that I now know I needed in my life, but not one that I was expecting. I think that is what took this book from a four fang to a four and a half fang. It wasn’t just a good story about how a young woman is up against the best of the best. No it was also one about how she found herself on the Devil’s road. A place that chews drivers up before eating them, she found what she was looking for, even though she didn’t know what that was.


Maybe I am looking too much into it, but for me this was about a race. It was about monsters, and it was about a young woman trying to carve out a small bit of herself when everyone wanted a piece. Some people may want it longer, and I would have been okay with that. However, I think that it was the perfect length for what the author was trying to convey. Overall a good story about a girl and her car.

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About Gary Gibson

Gary Gibson's first novel, Angel Stations, was published in 2004. Interzone called it "dense and involving, puzzling and perplexing. It's unabashed science fiction, with an almost "Golden Age" feel to it ..."

His second novel was Against Gravity in 2005; the Guardian described it as "building on current trends to produce a convincing picture of the world in 2096."

Stealing Light was first published in 2007, and garnered a wide range of positive reviews. The London Times called it: "A violent, inventive, relentlessly gripping adventure ... intelligently written and thought-provoking".

Stealing Light is the first volume in a four-book space opera, the final volume of which, Marauder, was published in 2013.

To date, Gary has written ten novels, most recently Extinction Game and its sequel, Survival Game.

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The Hitman and the Reaper by 100 Lick

The Hitman + The Reaper

By: 100 LICK
Genres: Action & Adventure
Pages: 60
Series: Shady Files #1
Publisher: 100LICK
Published on: December 22, 2019
The Hitman and the Reaper by 100 Lick

One cannot die in the presence of Death - The Reaper

A Hitman is visited by the Grim Reaper, and warned of his impending doom. What follows is the first story of The Shady File. This is an action packed tale, set in an exotic, futuristic world, full of death, destruction, violence and gore.

The Shady File is a collection of dark, grim stories, in which no character is entirely innocent, and everyone is, at the very least, a little guilty of one sin or another.

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The Hitman and the Reaper is a short story that is essentially a conversation between a Hitman and the Reaper friend of his. Well maybe not necessarily a friend, but someone that he has known.


The Hitman is a man who has killed many over the course of his life. The story starts with the Reaper calling for him, which he goes and meets. The Reaper and the Hitman start to have a conversation about major points of the Hitman’s life. This includes the first kill, the hardest, etc. While they are doing this they are travelling on their mounts through a mountain pass.


There is a reason for death to ask about the kills, and let’s the hitman continue to speak as they travel. There is a reason for Death to keep the hitman talking, but it isn’t until time has ran out that the Hitman realizes his mistake.


I like this story, it is a short story and as someone who enjoys video games it runs a little like one. What I mean by that is for a short story it runs like there are shorter stories inside the short story. Each one is could be an episode by itself, or the way it reads like a video game. Each one a mission that the author spells out. Overall it is a good story, but you have to be okay with gore and action.


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About 100 LICK

100LICK is a unique brand, unlike any other. It is also the pseudonym I choose to write under.

100LICK is also a puzzle, one that you must solve. Within its logo lie the clues that will lead you to the answer.

As for who I am... Well, that shall remain a mystery for now.

Why? You ask.

Why not? I answer.

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