A Good Day by D.L. McCleary – IBF Review

A Good Day

By: D.L. McCleary
Genres: Erotica
Pages: 268
Published on: February 14th 2015
A Good Day by D.L. McCleary – IBF Review

Lieutenant Colonel David “Deuce” Wilcox’s last mission ends his military career and changes his life forever. His return to civilian life leads to a new job and introduces him and his wife to a world far different from anything he has experienced before.

Isabel’s love for her husband has been strong and constant, but she wants more. Together, they must deal with his new career—and the powerful world of wealth and privilege that has opened her eyes to a new way of life. As her curiosity builds, so does her desire to bring David into the freedom of exploring their relationship in a way they have never known.

Can David re-invent himself and his relationship with his wife? Find out in this exciting story that takes a comfortable marriage to one that is scorching hot!

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

A Good Day starts off with a loving couple who have one of the worst days of their lives.  The main character comes under fire while overseas. His injuries are severe and life-threatening. While he survives, nothing will ever be the same for him and his wife.  The future is unsure as discharge papers arrive via carrier. Things, however, do fall into place for both of them. Not all pieces are good, and some are great.


As someone who’s a spouse went on deployment, it is scary when they are away and you just hope that it is a phone call and not a knock on the door.  For those who don’t know, when a service member dies, there is a knock on the door  A phone call means that they have injuries, but are alive. Thankfully I did not have to experience either.


Now this book is a precursor to what the author writes about, which is the art of rope play. The author actually participates in it himself, and so while this book does not discuss it, it does discuss underground sex clubs.  Some of the content may be hard for sensitive readers to digest.  Some people are okay with blood and guts. Others are okay with a little sex among consenting adults shouldn’t bother you.  But with that said, it is okay and if that is your line, then it is your line.


I enjoyed this book, there were a couple of things that stood out as weird, or at least not completely understandable.  For example, they decide they want a bigger house, which is fine and fits into what they need.  However, the way they go about it is a little off-putting.  Also, I think that there is a lot of soul searching we don’t see. We see some of it with Isabel, but we don’t, in my opinion, see enough from Deuce.  I would have liked to see the inner turmoil that I would expect there to be with that kind of life-altering decision.


I also thought that pace was good for the first 3/4rds of the book.  However, for me, the last 1/4 went really fast. I am not saying it was a rush to finish, but it almost reads that way. It got to where it was to be at the end, and it wrapped up nicely, so overall I think it is a good book. It is also a good starter into this lifestyle.

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About D.L. McCleary

D.L. McCleary is a freshman author who writes erotic and BDSM based military fiction. D.L. lives with his wife in the northern Maryland area. Although he was never in the military the action scenes as part of the military fiction are breathtaking and the BDSM scenes are true to life. D.L. left the busy business world to write full time and is working on several books in multiple genres. He is also attending University Of Maryland pursuing a degree in Cyber Security.

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His Semi-Charmed Life by Lisa Hughey – IBF Reviews

His Semi-Charmed Life

By: Lisa Hughey
Pages: 197
His Semi-Charmed Life by Lisa Hughey – IBF Reviews

Going from princess to pauper wasn’t exactly the fairy tale ending Penelope Hastings believed in as a kid. She grabs at the opportunity to work at Camp Firefly Falls—home of her most treasured childhood memories and the haven where her spoiled heart expanded, and her perspective changed, after an encounter with an older boy. Now she’s hoping that the camp can work its magic one more time and help her craft a new life.

Rags to riches entrepreneur, Diego Ramos, never wanted to see Camp Firefly Falls again—the site of the most hated year in his teenage life as camp counselor, and his most regrettable moment ever. That one clash with an entitled little girl had a profound impact on him, changing the trajectory of his future. So, when his assistant books a corporate retreat at Camp Firefly Falls, he’s more than a little unsettled at the irony.

Now, twenty years later, Penelope and Diego are reunited. A second chance at happiness won’t come easy when their reversal in fortunes and unexpected sexual attraction complicates everything. Will they be able to work through their regrets and memories, and learn that love is the greatest fortune of all?

I was so thrilled to be chosen to write a story set at Camp Firefly Falls. Check out books from these wonderful authors, Gwen Hayes, Zoe York, Violet Vaughn, Jamie Wesley, Farrah Rochon, Lily Danes, and season one of camp!


I received this book as a panel member at IBF.  I went back to my room to wait for the next panel and I finished this book.  It was that good.


What started as a rich girl and poor boy at camp transforms into something not only different but special. That rich girl, Penelope rediscovers herself while the poor boy meets some wonderful, and powerful friends who transform him into a power-hungry businessman who still listens to his family. Well, he better because his family is not to trifle with. Seriously she makes me shake in my shoes, and she is fictional.


This can be read as a type of Romeo and Juliet in the sense that they are from two different worlds. Money and power affect people differently and it is how you use a resource that shows what type of person you are.


Not to mention, seriously can I get in on these adult camps? Do they exist?


This story was really enjoyable to me, it is what I consider a quick read, but it is not short. It is just that good, from the prologue in the past to the present. It made me want to read more, and thankfully she has a series that follows Diego’s friends who have all taken a pledge to be successful, but not at the expense of themselves.  That is one thing that I really enjoy, that no matter how wealthy and successful they are, it is not at the expense of others.  It is at their own expense, be it romantically or mentally.


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About Lisa Hughey

USA Today Bestselling Author Lisa Hughey has been writing romance since the fourth grade, which was also about the time she began her love affair with spies. Harriet and Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys later gave way to James Bond and Lara Croft and Jason Bourne. Exploring the complex nature of a profession that requires subterfuge and lies fascinates her. She loves combining her two passions into fiction and hopes you love the results.

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The Detective Wins The Witch by Kristen Painter

The Detective Wins The Witch

By: Kristen Painter
Genres: Paranormal Romance, urban fantasy
Pages: 229
Series: Nocturne Falls #10
Publisher: Sugar Skull Books
The Detective Wins The Witch by Kristen Painter

Welcome to Nocturne Falls, the town that celebrates Halloween 365 days a year. The tourists think it's all a show: the vampires, the werewolves, the witches, the occasional gargoyle flying through the sky. But the supernaturals populating the town know better.

Living in Nocturne Falls means being yourself. Fangs, fur, and all.

Private investigator Wyatt West finds his job a little tedious most days, but that changes when he meets a bewitching blonde florist who needs a favor in the way of a wedding date. There's definitely something magical about her, but little does he know just how correct that first impression is.

Single mom Marigold Williams finds herself instantly attracted to Wyatt, but doesn't dare tell this handsome human that she's a witch and things in Nocturne Falls are a little spookier than he suspects. He’s just a nice guy who’s offered to be her plus one. She doesn’t need to turn his world upside down with the truth over one date.

Despite that agreement, their feelings deepen and both agree to try a relationship beyond their current temporary arrangement. Now Marigold must tell him about her witchy side. After all, he has a right to know who he’s dating.

But when Wyatt unwittingly frees some dangerous magic, Marigold knows a life changing sacrifice is the only way to set things right. Will her magic save him? And will he be able to handle the truth that comes with it?

Also by this author: Dead Man's Hand, Queen of Hearts, House of the Rising Sun

In Kristen Painter’s latest Nocturne Falls book, “The Detective Wins The Witch,’ we look at Marigold, a local witch that owns the floral shop.  Her mom and two sisters are also witches. You have Pandora and Charisma who are her sisters.  Mom is Corette who is dating Batholomew who works for the Ellinghams, which Alice Bishop, another witch also does.


So Marigold is a single mother of a wonderful daughter, Saffron.  When she finds out that she needs a date to a wedding, she asks a local detective, Wyatt, if he would join her.


This is another good book from Kristen.  Her universe is diverse and really expands with each book.  Yes, there are the main characters, but each one brings in someone new or expands on someone we may not have known about as well as we would like.  For example, this book really digs into Alice as well as Marigold and her family.  Alice, as readers of the series know, is the witch that helps the Ellingham’s walk in the sunlight.


Like all the other books, this one takes a predictable pattern. Girl meets boy, boy or girl need something. Something bad happens, girl or boy needs help. Just because the pattern is the same doesn’t mean they aren’t good reads.


One reason I like this series is that it makes it feel real. While yes the stories may be a pattern, the environment is life-like and because of that, you feel like you are in the story. It doesn’t matter if you even believe in the paranormal. This town, with the little shops and family-friendly atmosphere, is enough to make you want to live there.


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About Kristen Painter

When the characters in Kristen Painter’s head started to take over, she decided to put them on paper and share them with the world. She writes paranormal romance and the gothic fantasy vampire series, House of Comarre, for Orbit Books. She has also been published in non-fiction, poetry and short stories. The former college English teacher can often be found online at Romance Divas, the award-winning writers’ forum she co-founded. She’s represented by Elaine Spencer of The Knight Agency.

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