The Finder of the Lucky Devil by Megan Mackie

The Finder of the Lucky Devil

By: Megan Mackie
Genres: Paranormal Thriller, urban fantasy
Pages: 424
Series: The Lucky Devil series #1
The Finder of the Lucky Devil by Megan Mackie

Rune Leveau has a magical Talent for Finding things and a mountain of problems. Those problems get worse when she is approached by a charming, but dangerous cybernetically-altered corporate spy. When he says he wants her to help him find a wanted criminal called Anna Masterson, who went missing six years ago, it should be easy for a woman who's only special gift is finding things? The problem is Rune has a dangerous secret. She IS Anna Masterson, and the spy isn’t taking no for an answer.

St. Benedict has searched for the last six years for the Masterson Files, a computer program that is rumored to do the impossible, cast magic spells. Such a program would reshape the world. For his own reasons, he's determined to be the first to find it and the mysterious woman connected to it, Anna Masterson. Having exhausted his other options, he is left with a new hope that this Finder of the Lucky Devil can lead him to the prize he has sought for so long. But the Finder is proving difficult and he isn't going to take no for an answer.

Set in an alternate Chicago, where technology and magic are in competition with each other, this fast paced Cat-and-Mouse chase makes The Finder of the Lucky Devil a welcome addition to your urban fantasy/cyberpunk library.


In a world only slightly different than ours, there is a place where magic users are tightly regulated.  They are required to carry ID and pay money to the “government” which just seems to be a big mob in itself.   You are either with the Government, with the Magic Users, or you are a floater. Someone who is destined to be harassed by both sides until you gain enough reputation to effectively shut them up.  Or you have money, that always seems to quell the waves, at least for a little while.


This story started one way, it took a turn a couple of times, and ended completely different than it started and I loved it all the way through.  A young magic user who does not believe in her own abilities is required to take over the bar from her Aunt. Her aunt was a well known witch and she is just a finder.  Someone who can find things, and her bar just happens to have a devil that sits in a chair and takes notes from customers and allows her to use her abilities without really using them.  Simple magic tricks that her aunt set up before she died. With only the rocks that her aunt infused along with the bar, she is about to lose everything.


When a police agent walks in at the same time that mortgage thugs and others coming for the unknown magic user and money, and a finder, yeah you get the point.  Hell is going to break loose in this little bar. The minute she leaves the bar, her ordinary life as much as it is ordinary is thrown around until she doesn’t even know who she is anymore.  Sometimes you have to break to find yourself, even if you are a finder.


I really liked this story, I don’t know why because it is a little weird, at least at the beginning, but the depth of world that the author created really drug me into the story and held me tight.  I hope that there are more stories in this world because I really enjoyed the main character and the trials and tribulations that she went through.


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About Megan Mackie

Megan is an actor, writer, podcaster and playwright in Chicago. Besides author, Megan is currently running a satirical podcast called the Princess Peach Conspiracy, about how all of the Super Mario Bros games are really a conspiracy by Princess Peach to keep the war economy going. You can hear it on iTunes, Stitcher, or GooglePlay. She also likes to knit, play games involving dice, and getting into feverish discussions about why the live action Beauty and the Beast is better than the animated version. She lives in Chicago with husband, children, dogs and extraneous relatives.

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Souls Collide by J.D. Blackrose

Souls Collide

By: J.D. Blackrose
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 120
Series: The Soul Wars #1
Published on: June 2, 2017
Souls Collide by J.D. Blackrose

A Valkyrie and a Vampire battle together for the fate of the world in Book 1 of The Soul Wars, a stunning new fantasy series!

Kara, a Norse Valkyrie warrior, and Gaspard, a centuries-old vampire, find themselves in an improbable alliance to prevent the Soul Wars, an epic battle between vampires with souls and those without, which a real god swears could shake the very foundations of the Earth. Can Kara and Gaspard set aside their natural enmity, or stranger yet, nurture their unexpected feelings for one another while fighting for their lives?

In Souls Collide, Book 1 of The Soul Wars - Things thought long dead reappear, forcing Kara, Gaspard and their paranormally sensitive neighbor Adelaide, to work together to put them to rest forever, or at least, for now. Kara and Gaspard’s growing attraction forces Kara to reconsider her feelings about vampires and her belief that they are soulless monsters.

The Soul Wars novella series is a new series of short novels, similar to BookShots. Souls Collide is the first in the series by urban fantasy author J.D. Blackrose.



This is the first in a set of novellas that follow Gaspard a vampire who has a Valkyrie as a bodyguard. The story begins with Vaspard wanting to help Adelaide, an old lady that lives near him. Her house is under the attack of the mortgage company and while the historical society is somewhat interested in it, once their tour it, they realize that it needs some rehab before they can accept it.


Adelaide is not everything that you think she is, she is actually a lot more. She can communicate and see ghosts and feel their pain. So while some ghosts are okay, the old slave quarters is not one of those places. In fact, it goes beyond uncomfortable and straight to downright terrifying. Vaspard feels that he should help her, even though she turns up her nose at vampires. Oh did I mention that vampires are more or less out in the open?


So let’s get to the Valkyrie because while vampires have always interested me, Valkyries have just begun to get on my radar which means that I want to know much more them, including stuff like how do they live forever, how many on there, etc. I feel that Kara is not only the main character but the main driving force of the storyline. Yes, there is whatever is going on with Adelaide’s place, and with Vaspard and his lack of good communication skills and the fact that other Vampires are really wanting his nice place. None of that matters, what matters is Kara, or at least to me it seems that way.


I just had a conversation about Vampires and how do we really know they don’t exist. Wouldn’t it stand to reason if Vampires do exist in any form that we know of them as, shouldn’t it hold true that Werewolves, Valkyries, etc also be real? I mean I live in the Pacific Northwest so I am very familiar with Yeti or Bigfoot as we like to call him. My personal favorite is Loch Ness Monster. I call her Nessie and she is my favorite cryptohuman.


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About J.D. Blackrose

.D. Blackrose loves all things storytelling and celebrates great writing by posting about it on her website,

When not writing, Blackrose lives with three children, an orange cat, her husband and a full-time job in Corporate Communications. She’s fearful that so-called normal people will discover exactly how often she thinks about wicked fairies, nasty wizards, homicidal elevators, treacherous forests, and the odd murder, even when she is supposed to be having coffee with a friend or helping a child with homework. As a survival tactic, she has mastered the art of looking interested.

She would like to thank her parents for teaching her to ask questions, and in lieu of facts, how to make things up.

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Monsterland Reanimated by Michael Okon


Award-winning author Michael Okon has done it again! His recently released follow up to Monsterland, Monsterland Reanimated, has already been garnering dozens of positive reviews. Fans of YA paranormal and SciFi Fantasy are enjoying the continued thrill ride that began with book one in the Monsterland series.


Michael is giving away an Amazon gift card and free signed book copies. Be sure to enter the giveaway before it ends on June 29.


Readers can discover the creepy goodness of Monsterland Reanimated on Amazon, to see why reviewers are calling it a “fast-paced, heart-pounding thriller”!


Since I was a little late to the party, I am posting my review for you guys. So be sure to enter the giveaway while you can!

Monsterland Reanimated

By: Michael Okon
Genres: Horror, YA, urban fantasy
Pages: 250
Series: Monsterland #2
Monsterland Reanimated by Michael Okon

After Monsterland has imploded, the entire world is thrown into chaos. World leadership is gone, economies have collapsed, and communications are non-existent. Wyatt must go beyond the boundaries of his small town to reestablish contact with the outside world, and alert the government about a traitor-in-chief.

During his journey he discovers a new threat released from the bowels of the defunct theme park.

When an army of relentless mummies, a life-sucking ooze called The Glob, and a hybrid
Behemoth rise from the depths of Monsterland, who will survive?

Also by this author: Monsterland


Monsterland Reanimated is an amazing follow up to the first Monsterland book. When I finished the first book, I just could NOT wait to find out what was going to happen next or if there would even be a sequel, so I was elated to find out the author was planning to continue the story.


It picks up shortly after the first book ends. There hasn’t been much time that has passed, so the wounds the characters suffered are still fresh in their minds. The loss and wounds they experienced at the end of the first book are still open and bleeding, forcing them to pick up the pieces left shattered at the destruction of Monsterland.


The world is left tattered and torn and it’s up to Wyatt and his friends and acquaintances to find out just what is going on and why and visit vengeance upon those who have caused such devastation in their young lives.


Wyatt is truly a great character. He’s young so one might expect him to be something of a hothead or irresponsible, but he’s anything but. He’s logical but pliable, so he has room to learn along the way. The relationship he is developing with his stepfather is sad, yet hopeful.


Some of what happens is vaguely predictable, though not in a way you would expect. There are plenty of surprises, both good and bad. There are characters we thought were finished who find a way back into the story, and I’ll admit, I was happy to see them.


I feel terrible for Igor. He seems like someone who wants to do the right thing, but life and people have crapped on him so badly over the years that he’s not quite right in the head. He doesn’t seem to know how to exist anymore.


Overall, I loved this book as much as I loved the first and once again can’t wait until the next book. I read it far to fast because I was dying to see where the story was going.


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About Michael Okon

Michael Okon is an award-winning and best-selling author of multiple genres including paranormal, thriller, horror, action/adventure and self-help. He graduated from Long Island University with a degree in English, and then later received his MBA in business and finance. Coming from a family of writers, he has storytelling is his DNA. Michael has been writing from as far back as he can remember, his inspiration being his love for films and their impact on his life. From the time he saw The Goonies, he was hooked on the idea of entertaining people through unforgettable characters.

Michael is a lifelong movie buff, a music playlist aficionado, and a sucker for self-help books. He lives on the North Shore of Long Island with his wife and children.

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