Over the Dragonwall by H.C. Strom and Dennis D. Montoya

Over the Dragonwall

By: H.C. Strom, Dennis D. Montoya
Pages: 205
Published on: October 7, 2014
Over the Dragonwall by H.C. Strom and Dennis D. Montoya

A thousand years ago the gods brokered a peace treaty with the dragons to save mankind. As a monument, the magical Dragonwall was built stretching from the Dwarven city of Farreach to the port city of Seareach. Over generations, the great dragon’s stories have turned to myths and the treaty forgotten. The wall’s magic is failing and the call for a hero goes unanswered.

Oberon a young monk and his friends leave the city of Delvingdeep to answer the riddle of the existence of dragons. No one expected a short cut though a swamp would ever lead them on a heroic adventure over the Dragonwall.

I received this book for free from Author Gifted in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Andi's Review


I received this book from the authors and at first I was not excited, the book sounded good but the cover for me just wasn’t doing it. I had a list of books to read that were sitting on my shelf glaring at the fact that I was not reading them yet. Did you know books could glare? Oh they do. So I was going down to my parents house and I usually take some books for my father to read that I have bought from garage sales and such. I took three that I needed to read but I couldn’t get into the other two. Even though I was not a huge fan of the cover I decided that since I was down to the last option I may as well read it right now. I am so glad that I did.


Oberon and his friends are at a tavern when a bard walks in. Seeing that he is hungry Oberon tells the bard that for a song Oberon will give him enough money to buy some food and ale. The story that the bard so carefully laid out was about this massive wall that was erected during a truce between humans and their allies and the Dragons and their allies to the north of were Oberon lived as an apprentice to the Sovereign, which I take as a religious leader, monk type person. Oberon’s friends start talking about going on a trip to see this “Dragonwall” and to see if there are in fact dragons just lounging on the other side of the wall. Oberon while initially agreeing believes that his mentor will squash the idea and Oberon will not have to go. Oh no so, in fact the Sovereign is more than excited to document those travels and sends Oberon on his way, including giving him supplies for his trip.


The rest of the story follows the group of adventures as they transverse the swamp, meet a witch, well maybe a witch, maybe just an old lady that wants something on the other side of the wall, a captain of an army that either really enjoys his job, or just really hates adventures, whose to tell. The one thing that is beat into their heads is that under no circumstances should they stay the night over the wall due to the night being when all the evil creepy crawlers come out, and no I am not talking about spiders or snakes.  So in essence they really shouldn’t be going over the Dragonwall at all, but psh what is the worse that could happen?


I really enjoyed this book, the cover was hohum, but the story made up for it in my opinion.  It was well crafted for the most part.  I did have an issue with the last chapter.  So things are going along and then BAM it ends and another chapter starts with the “rest” of the story.  I guess for me it was a little to fast and seemed like the authors said, “okay we are at X pages, lets end it here” and then wrote a chapter trying to tie up everything.  While it did technically tie everything up, it was kinda of anti-climatic for me.  Honestly their climax was in that second to last chapter and to end it that way did not give me the resolution I was personally looking for.


Overall though a solid book with good character development and good conversations that never sounded forced or otherwise trivial.


4 fangs


About Dennis D. Montoya

Dennis D. Montoya grew up in the state of Washington, and started gaming and writing short stories in high school. After two enlistments in the military, he went to college. He is happily married and works as a registered nurse. He enjoys photography, gaming, and spending quality time with his wife, Colleen.

About H.C. Strom

H.C. "Hank" Strom grew up in Alaska, then attended high school and college in the state of Washington, where he now resides. He works for an electrical manufacturing company. He enjoys riding his motorcycle, and the company of his friends and family.

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