Odd Tales and other Stories by L.E. Perez

Odd Tales and Other Stories

By: L.E. Perez
Genres: Horror & Ghost Stories
Pages: 25
Publisher: Palmas Publishing
Published on: October 29, 2019
Odd Tales and other Stories by L.E. Perez

A weird, odd, creepy story is good any time of the year, not just Halloween. In this series of shorts, shiver when you see what happens against a Phantom Ferries Wheel. Discover true fear when you realize the legend of the Chupacabra is not a legend after all. A lawn mower with a life of its own and a squirrel with intentions not of this world.

Have a read and enjoy the journey.

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Again author L.E. Perez knocks it out of the park with this collection of short stories.


Each story is different, but they all play on different emotions.


This collection of stories has four stories, and since there are only four I am going to talk about each one for a bit.


Phantom Ferris Wheel – Sometimes you just side eye something. You don’t know why, but you have that feeling of dread when you are around it. This could be a house, a car, a person, a river, or really whatever. Everyone has that instinct that tells them something is bad. In this story that instinct is much closer to reality than the main character wishes for it to be.


Mow the Lawn – This is another story that has instinct built in. Only this time instead of a ferris wheel, it is a lawn mower. The story behind the lawn mower is sad, but I was not expecting the end. I mean I guess knowing the author, I should have expected it, but I wasn’t ready.


Ser Quirrel – I actually read this story twice. It questions what mortality looks like. It also makes you look at what steps that one may make to gain immortality. Even if immortality comes with a price, are you willing to pay it?


La Leyenda de la Chupacabra – I will preface this upfront, this story is heartwrenching. It is also probably a lot closer to reality than the others. Not the Chupacabra, although I will be the first to admit that they may be chilling out in the woods somewhere. Not up where I live, we have Bigfoot and he pretty much rules the roost. I mean they have a refuge for him near the town I live in. Anyways, the story of the girl is probably pretty historical. Sadly it is probably still happening in many parts of the world.


Of all the stories, Chupacabra hit me the hardest, maybe it is because I think that we all have a little mystery and ancient in us. I also think that it is partially because I have a daughter who is around the same age as the girl in the story.


Overall this collection is a good, a quick read. Although I expect great stories from L.E. Perez because the emotion, the passion, the reality they are able to infuse into the story makes it much more than a story.



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