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Hello all, I am taking a small break from your regular programming to write a review/post about a non-book item. You may start seeing these once in a while, rest assure, we are still reading and writing reviews.


So why am I taking a break in book reviews to bring you this review? Because I, Andi love this company’s products and I think you will too.


This small family run business is based in Oregon and is ran by a married couple who are both US military veterans.  They are also people I call friends.


So they have a variety of products, but the first thing that I used was their Muscle Gel.


So I bought this because my daughter was having muscular issues with her knee. You rub it on and it has a slight cooling effect.  I have used it on my back, and gave my Grandfather some who after using it said that it was the first time he was without this specific muscular pain in a long time. Sore from working in the yard? It is my go-to.


Well as they built up their company they started creating more things.  The next thing I tried was their Aloe Gel.

This was a recommendation because I have eczema on my hands that comes and goes. I use it and the itching stops. It does not cure ezcema, but it helps with the itch, which for me is the hardest part. I have also used it for sunburns and it takes the burn away.  Which I am very pale, and I turn into a lobster from about 10 seconds in the sun. So I burn often.


After those two things, I went a big whole hog into the CBD world and really learned a lot. For example, I also use their beauty lotion which is really nice, but if you touch your face a lot, I would suggest their shea butter because the beauty lotion can cause slight burning in your eyes.  I may know this from personal experience, so I am just passing that along. Even after she told me it could cause some burning, did I listen? No.


They even have a chapstick with CBD in it that is great as well. This is currently what is sitting on my desk. All of which I have used lately.  The metal tin is the shea butter. The one in the back is the muscle gel, but you can’t read the label because my dog gummed it all up with her old lady teeth.



Oh and I am missing the most important, at least to me. They make bath bombs and salts. So a great smelling bath to relax your muscles before bed? This is perfect for it. I gave my dad this forest green bath bomb for Christmas and he loved it.


So you may have seen a lot of stuff about CBD floating around, from the levels of THC to how extraction works. If you want to get into the nitty-gritty about CBD terms, they have a blog post about it.


This is not an MLM company, this is a local (to me) company that has fantastic products and is really great to work with.


CBD is legal as per the 2019 Farm Bill Act. This means you can still purchase, even if you do not live in Oregon where I and Cherry River live.  They are more than happy to mail their products to you.


I am not a doctor, and I do not claim that this solves any medical issues, but it has helped me and my family personally. If this sounds interesting, please visit their page.


*Please be aware that links in this post may be affiliate links.
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