This Night Sucks by Elizabeth

This Night Sucks

By: Elizabeth J M Walker
Pages: 100
Publisher: Mirror World Publishing
Published on: June 17, 2016
This Night Sucks by Elizabeth

Lana is a high school senior enrolled in Vampire Education – a class to teach students about the very real presence of vampires in the world. Lana and her classmates don’t really expect to meet up with any undead bloodsuckers. Vampires are a lot like other scary things that supposedly exist but you hope you’ll never come across: nudist colonies, mad cow disease, and your parents’ sex life.

What is part of Lana’s everyday reality is navigating through one last year of high school while desperately trying to be less nerdy. She still loves spaceships, fantasy novels, and cat stickers, but she also recently got her braces removed, grew boobs, and is working on the makeup thing. She never expected her crush-of-a-lifetime Pete to even notice her – let alone ask her out on a date.

The date is going great until Pete’s ex-girlfriend Katy shows up, all bloody and pissed off. Lana quickly realizes that Katy is not just her ordinary bitchy self – she has been turned into a vampire. After a near death experience, Lana learns that she is changing into a vampire too.

Lana needs answers, and the only way to get them is to find the vampire who started the chain of events – and to find him before sunrise...


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This Night Sucks by Elizabeth J M Walker was a pretty funny read. I definitely appreciated the author’s sense of humor. With everything going on in today’s society, it was nice to see an author making jokes. There was several snort-laugh worthy moments.


The teens in this book are pretty typical teens. Lana is easy to relate to, and Pete is a stereotypical jock type. Now that I think about it, most of the  characters fall into their stereotypical roles fairly easily. The main one that doesn’t would be the vampire and he’s got his own issues going on.


I liked the flow of the book. It didn’t drag in places, which is good. The action was present but not anything too crazy or unreasonable for a group of teenagers to have participated in. I liked the uniqueness of the storyline also. Walker does a great job of giving us a new spin on the sometimes played out Vampire and everything that goes along with it.


Overall, This Night Sucks is a really good read for teens or adults. It’s fun and unique and will keep you guessing. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It’s a quick and easy read for me and I loved every minute of it. I was a little disappointed that it was over before I was done reading, but that tends to happen to me regularly. Definitely worth trying out.


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About Elizabeth J M Walker

Elizabeth J. M. Walker lives in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. She has always loved books and writing. As a teen she discovered zines, which inspired her to publish her own litzine of odd fairy tales for over a decade.


She Dreamed of Dragons is her first novel.

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