Next Lifetime by Paige Prince

Next Lifetime

By: Paige Prince
Pages: 102
Publisher: Smashwords Edition
Published on: January 10th 2016
Next Lifetime by Paige Prince

Born a witch, Sarah, the daughter of the town’s only judge, keeps her gift and her love of William, a lowly farmhand a closely guarded secret. Their plans for a life together come to a grisly end when Bastian, one of the world’s most feared and evil vampires, finds out about her power and decides to add another prize to his collection.A hundred years later, William has been reborn as Lucas Dagan, the most powerful vampire hunter the Order of St. Marcellus has in its ranks. He has no memory of his past with Sarah. But, Sarah, now known as Caitlin, remembers. Worse, she’s now the very thing Lucas has sworn to exterminate from the earth. Any chance they might have had at happiness has been crushed.But Bastian has returned with far more sinister plans. Duty and passion collide when Caitlin and Lucas are forced to fight together to save the world. But will determination and remembered love be enough? Because if Bastian has his way, there won’t be a Next Lifetime for anyone.

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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Andi's Review


So I bought Next Lifetime while I was at Coastal Magic before I met Miss Paige. This review is honest and has nothing to do with the fact that Miss Paige is awesome.


Lucas is a vampire hunter for an organization called “The Order”. His goal in life is to kill Vampires, although I don’t know if all vampires should be killed, I mean maybe some are good, maybe some are teachers who also have witchy abilities. Oh wait…


Sarah a witch/vampire hybrid which isn’t supposed to happen is a teacher of vampire and mythical creatures, how fucking awesome is that, seriously why couldn’t I take a class on witches when I was in college. Oh Yes, Martha Rampton’s History of Witchcraft class. Ooops almost forgot. Anyways so Sarah is this terrifying hybrid that could cause all sorts of terrible things to happen, or want to save the world.  So apparently there is this program that you can get a certificate for vampirology.  Yeah I am going to be doing that.


This story has all of the attributes of a great story, you have witches, you have vampires, you have reincarnation, you have good guys, you have bad guys, and you have that inbetween that could go either way. Okay maybe everything that I need in a book to make it interesting.


Anyways, this book has a good voice about it, it constantly progresses without having to have action every page. Even though this is a Novella I was never bored, because you know how I feel about getting bored.


Also for a Novella I felt that the author really captured the personality of not only the “today” characters, but some of their past characters. I think this is important because it gives a more well rounded view of the characters, especially “Sarah” since she is the one that has lived for 130 years.


I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to live forever without the one that you love by your side. The Author was not only able to take that pain and find an out for it, but to it in such a manner that I want to know more about Lucas and “Sarah”. I want to know what happens after the Epilogue. I honestly could read a full size book about these two and their travels, especially when you add Lilly and the gang in.


Friendships may be strong, but sisterhood and soulmates last a lifetime, even if that lifetime is forever.  So look for your loved ones in your next lifetime.


4.5 fangs

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About Paige Prince

Paige Prince is a mother to a beautiful little girl, wife to her own real life hero, perpetual student, reviewer, and author of contemporary romance. She hates to be bored, loves a good book, and can usually be found on Twitter or Facebook.

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