New Orlean’s Hustle by P.J. Nevada

New Orleans Hustle

By: P.J. Nevada
Publisher: Torquere
Published on: September 7th 2016
New Orlean’s Hustle by P.J. Nevada

Tristan Beaumont, owner of Voodoo Dolls, a gay bar in the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana, is successful enough, keeping busy operating his popular club. Along with the help of his bar manager, Nolan Geoffrey, and a black male escort named Antoine LaChance, who spends some of his time at the bar, all struggled to find love and survive the rigors of life from day to day.Trying to balance his love life with the issues of a running a popular bar, Tristan faces the local police, specifically Officer William Durant. Tristan and Billy Joe have kept their distance since their shared days in high school back home. Tristan's hectic and steamy life seems to be out of control, especially after receiving some dire warnings from a long-time acquaintance, the old voodoo queen Miss Magnolia, who foretells of great trouble and danger heading Tristan’s way.Tristan is suspicious of these voodoo warnings, but what little voodoo influence comes his way should not be trifled with, especially after a young, drug-cursed man named Gabriel is dragged into his bar by Antoine, who just found the lad beaten up on the streets outside Voodoo Dolls.Can Tristan find the tranquility in his life he so desperately seeks? Will he survive the emotional roller coaster presented to him by Antoine, Nolan and even Billy Joe? More importantly, will Miss Magnolia’s unseen influence become a blessing or a curse in this explicit language romantic tale? Previously published independently by P.J. Nevada.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I received this book for free from Blog Tour in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Andi's Review


Yes, yesterday I reviewed a paranormal romance, and today I am reviewing a paranormal m/m romance with an erotic twist.  As you can plainly see, I will read just about anything, and of course if I like it, and sometimes even if I don’t, I will review it.


This book was originally self-published and was just recently taken on by Torquere Press.  If you haven’t been over to their site, you need to NOW.  They also have a sub-press, Prizm that has everything, and a lot of books about teens going through self-identification and acceptance.  Truly a great company.  Oh and I know the owners and they are sweethearts who love Halloween as much as I do.  It really is a win win win for me.


So Tristan is the owner of Voodoo Dolls, a gay bar on Bourbon street in New Orleans.  With him is Nolan, his bartender and good friend, and Antoine, a local male escort.  Oh and you can’t forget Miss Magnolia, even though she is not a large part of the book, her southern “charm” had me liking her from the beginning.  Tristan is trying to find love, but not at the detriment of his business, and so when you work every minute of every day, you don’t have a lot of time for a social life.  When his bar is vandalized, Billy Joe is the police officer to take the statements, oh and arrest Tristan, but only to make sure that he didn’t start the fight.  Oh did I mention that Billy Joe and Tristan went to high school together, and Billy Joe doesn’t really spend time in the gay scene.  With a hustle and some voodoo help, Tristan may just find what he is looking for, in a place that no one is expecting.


This story is set in New Orlean’s and while I have never been there, the description of the bar and the few locations mentioned, makes me feel like I am walking beside Tristan and Nolan.  The personality of Miss Magnolia is strong and you will either love her or hate her, especially with her half truths and stories for Tristan to figure out on his own.


This book has some graphic sexual situations between male couples.  If that bothers you, or you do not want to read graphic sexual encounters, please do not get this book.  I would hate for a possible dislike of that to color the overall story line, which is good.


Oh yeah I forgot, this book doesn’t come out to September 7, 2016.  Remember how I said before the owners were cool :).


4 fangs




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