*Tips and Tricks* Need to get your favorite reader a gift?

Viviana from Enchantress of books is here to share her ideas about the perfect gift for the reader and book lover in your life.  *Hint* Melanie and I love all of these gifts too \/”’\/.  So without further ado, please welcome Ms. Viviana.



Thank you for sharing “Gift Ideas for the Book Lover” Series, a weekly post on Viviana, Enchantress of Books! As a book lover, I love and appreciate the “gift card” which are awesome presents. However, I wanted to provide an alternative option that may be considered, a bit more personal, or a tad bit creative, or just one more awesome thing to give that special someone you love or heck, admit it… us book lovers are always looking for something cool that is book related!! Check out these awesome things!!!


Gift Ideas for Book Lovers




Things from Blooks to cookies to journals to shirts.  Vivianna has scoured the internet to find those perfect gifts.   What is really cool about her list is that it isn’t just things you can find at local stores or on Amazon.  She digs through etsy and facebook groups to find that truly unique items that your book lover will love you for.


Thank you Vivianna for coming today and showing us this great resource for not only gift givers, but for us bloggers, readers, and authors who buy ourselves something once in awhile :).


If you like seeing these type of posts with little tips and tricks let us know.


Have a great weekend

\/”’\/  Andi




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