My Mate’s Wife by Robbie Cox

My Mate's Wife

By: Robbie Cox
Genres: Fantasy Romance
Pages: 229
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Published on: July 1, 2019
My Mate’s Wife by Robbie Cox

A mate denied, a man torn, and a wife caught in the middle.

Fitzgerald Everest did what any loyal son would do; he married the woman his father told him to marry to protect the family's future. Yet, what does that mean for his Destined Mate?

Kinsey Pickford needed to escape. Denied her mate, she knew it was only a matter of time before the pull of the mating call drove her crazy. Her only recourse was to escape to Bull Creek.

Amanda Everest wasn't sure what it meant to marry into the Everest family or what a Destined Mate truly was until she noticed her husband's odd behavior. Now, she needed to make some hard choices to save the man she had grown to love.

When the heart is pulled in two directions, who will keep it from being ripped apart?

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
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I received this book for free from Author Gifted in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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Kinsey has known who her destined mate was since high school. Trouble is, he married another at the request of his father. So now Kinsey is living in Draven Falls, seeing her mate with another. After seeing Amanda, her mate’s wife in town, she decides she has to leave. Bull Creek, a place for those running from something. Kinsey decides not to tell Everest that she was leaving, but Amanda sees her on the way out. A funny thing occurs however, something neither women can describe.


Everest is torn between the woman he is mated to, and the woman he married to. Both he love, but he can only be with one, or so he thinks. When Amanda comes to him saying that she believes that Kinsey is her mate, he is thrown off course. Literally it seems. When Amanda demands to travel to Bull’s Creek, he realizes he must go, not to just see Kensey, but to placate his wife.


While part of a series, it is a stand alone for the most part. There are characters and situations that have backstories included. Others stories aren’t, but you get a general overview of why some of the residents reside in Bull Cree. It is okay because their backstories aren’t completely necessary for this story line. The author adds characterization to the important characters.


This has some spice, and from the title and the knowledge that Amanda feels that Kensey is her mate, there is a lot of spice. Shifters may be super sexual beings, but not all humans are, so if explicit sexual actions aren’t your cup of tea, I would come into this book prepared. Robbie is a really good author and can even in a short book take you through the emotions the characters have. Losing one’s love is hard, and many people experience that feeling. When Kenzey decides to leave, it hurt me. Yes I do not have a destined mate. To have the one you love, love another, and then to see it.


Overall I really enjoyed it, and so I was really happy to discover I had the first book in the series in my every growing TBR pile. I will be reviewing Magic’s Mate’s in the near future. When I get on a reading kick, I get on a kick 🙂


About Robbie Cox

I live in sunny Florida where I spend my days taxiing the family to various places while jotting down the many crazy thoughts inside my head. I enjoy a freelance career writing for several magazines sharing some of my interesting viewpoints on life and those around me. I can usually be found on my back porch watching the squirrels chittering at the birds while enjoying a cigar, a scotch, and the many characters that talk to me inside my head.

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