Mrs. Dracula: Vampire Anthology

Mrs. Dracula

By: Logan Keys, Nadia Blake, Eli Constant, Lee Hayton, Sherry Foster, Emma Brady, Andra Dill, Aria Michaels, Angela Roquet, Ava Mallory, Adelaide Walsh, L.D. Goffigan, Kasondra Morin, Jeannie Wycherley, Tracy D. Vincent
Genres: Horror
Pages: 299
Published on: October 13, 2017
Mrs. Dracula: Vampire Anthology

Bound by blood.

Cursed for eternity.

She's worn out every welcome.

Bitten every hand that feeds.

But with a name like Mrs. Dracula, what did you expect?

Eighteen bestselling and award-winning authors spill secrets about this lady of the night just in time for Halloween. Tales of titillating evil, supernatural events, thrilling mystery, and historical horrors, or rather, proof of the vampire's existence.

Can you escape the bride of Dracula?

Also by this author: Dead Trees 2, Dead Trees, Z Children, Graveyard Shift

With fabulous authors such as Eli Constant, Angela Roquet, and Logan Keys, among others, how could Mrs. Dracula not be a great vampire read?


Each story has its own unique qualities that leave the readers still wanting more. I’ve found several great new to me authors via the Mrs. Dracula Anthology. The variety of stories is great also. They each offer different eras and many places of historical reference from all over the world.


I like that these stories are all told from the female perspective of the ladies associated with Dracula. We don’t always get to see things from their points of view as the stories are normally told from the man’s side. I think this offers the reader something special they can’t find just anywhere else.


Overall, this is a great anthology. Many times there are a few duds in anthologies, but I honestly can’t say that any of the stories fell short for me, which is highly unusual. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a variety of great vampire stories told from the female point of view.



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