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I know your thinking, wait they don’t review movies. No we usually don’t, but this horror movie deserves to be reviewed.  Okay maybedeserves is a little strong.  I wanted to tell people about it, and when I told my husband his eyes kind of glazed over.  It isn’t his fault, I was trying to put a movie into a book and finding all the flaws and such.

So if you haven’t watched it, it is on netflix, it is ‘horror’ but really it is more of a “outbreak” type movie.  I am going to spoil some stuff, but I will add ~*~* before I do the spoiling so if you actually want to watch it, you wont know what happens.


So two sisters just moved to a relatively small California town. Their dad was a professor at a college lost his job and started teaching high school science.  Mom is off working, you don’t see her so don’t worry about her.  Older sister (Stacey) is a bit of a bitch and dating a tattooed guy with a broken leg something.  Younger sister (Emma) is scared of dissecting a frog, and is good friends with a girl (Gracie), no boyfriend.


Younger Sister’s good friend and her skype on a nightly basis and one night friend was looking sick.  Coughing and such, says her mom came home sick.  Don’t know what the mom does, where she came from, nothing.  Not important(ish) Next day at school friend starts to convulse and hit her head on the sidewalk.  Younger sister is scared, boy tries to help, friend spews blood all over boys face.  Cut screen.


People start getting sick, older sister doesn’t care, wants to go to party, tells boy across the street that younger sister wants to go and hook up.  At party shit hits the fan because of above mentioned boy helper.


Army shows up, quarantines the town, shuts off everything like electricity, phone, etc.  Parent’s are “stuck” at airport because dad went to get mom.  They have this nifty way of determining who is at home, who is sick, who they took away, etc.  Sisters try to leave, Army tells them to GTFO, they GTFO after some pickup gets lit up by the army.


Sisters decide they want to stay, baddies come, etc etc etc.  Movie over.


Okay, so it took me four days to watch it because I could only watch it during breaks and when minion wasn’t in the room.  It is actually good, I think it is a B rate, but the dialogue isn’t terribad, and I honestly get a kick out of animal/alien type horror.  Think mutations and such.  Icky things like Human Centipede no, cool things like Saw 1, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Silence of the Lambs, yes.  I need a story.  This movie does have a story but there are some gaps that I will mention in the spoilers.  The movie ended not the way I wanted it to, but the way I kind of expected it to knowing the general tropey nature of Horror movies.


So if you have about 90 minutes to kill, and you want to watch a somewhat campy horror movie, check it out, it is interesting, and if nothing else you can throw popcorn at it.  There is some blood, but it isn’t all over the place.  This isn’t gory at all in my opinion and I don’t like gore.


Oh the one person that I recognized in the whole movie was the dad, he has been in a couple of other movies, Michael Kelly, he was in the 2011 Criminal Minds offshoot that didn’t work out, he has been in Person of interest, and House of Cards.


If you want to check out the rest of the cast or see the poster image check out its IMDB page.


Okay so spoilers

Not really a spoiler, more of an observation, the town is just houses, there is no store, there is a high school, but that is it, you only see houses.  It is wierd now that I am thinking about it.  Oh and they are building even more houses, I mean where do you think the kids go to get hammered and screw.

Now really spoilers

First, Gracie convulses, spits in dudes face, and then just disappears, nothing is said about her.  If it was a book I think I would have caught on, but for whatever reason I didn’t think about it, I mean they did not speak of her AT ALL.  Then at the end, after all the other shit, Stacey runs off and they follow her to a house.


I will get back to the wierdness of the house in a little bit.  So they chase her, see her go in the garage, they go in, open a closet door (WTF?) and Gracie is laying on the floor with worms coming out of her mouth attached to other non human humans.  Is she patient zero?  No her mom was sick and it was happening all over the place.  So what do they do when the baddies see them, they run.  No more Gracie, no explanation, nothing.


So the military goes house to house and pulls the infected and leaves the uninfected, and then it seems like they are not pulling anyone, or really we don’t know what they are doing with the uninfected because no one is left in town except for Emma, Evan (Emma’s love interest who lives next door with his step dad) and Stacey.  They give them food and masks and stuff because it is by bodily fluid.  No glasses though, but okay.  So write on the garage door a symbol and numbers that dictate how many people are in the house and how many are infected.  Although now coming to think of it, when they “fool” the military, they put 0/2 so 0 infected and 2 in the house, but there were actually three in the house.


So the house they go to in chasing Stacey didn’t have a symbol on the garage door.  They get in and there is a dead guy by his own hand sitting at the table with a mask on.  Then in another room there are his(?) two kids holding crosses and also dead.  I assume his own hand, the gun was at a wierd place to where his hand was. Oh, the food was still on the table.  So crosses all over the place, wierdness.  Then above mentioned garage closet thing.  So if he was okay why did he kill himself?  Why that house?  Why kill the kids when the military was taking out people?


Okay so Stacey’s boyfriend who she caught bonking another girl happens to survive everything and arrives at their house while Emma and Evan are having a sorta moment on the rooftop.  He gets all the way upstairs and he screams.  By the time it took them to get downstairs he was already dead?  What? maybe 10 seconds?  Blood was dry too?  Come on.


So we don’t know where this started, why it started, why the baddies were collecting at certain points around the globe, why the Humvee was toast at the end, who Patient Zero was, nothing.  But one bright spot (I guess) is that there is NO indication of a sequel. They did nothing to hint at on, and it would have been easy to do.  In fact as I explained the issues, I listed off four that could have alluded to more nefarious deeds.


Do you know of a horror film that has a story (however weak) and deals with biological mutations and stuff?

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