Movie Review – Son of Sam: The Killer Speaks

CBS showed a special titled “Son of Sam: The Killer Speaks” about David Berkowitz who killed 6 and wounded 8 in New York during the late 70s. It started with a dog who he believed was the devil talking through a dog to him about wanting blood.

The interview was really interesting. David, the individual known both as the Son of Sam which he named himself during correspondence and the .44 killer because he used a 44 caliber gun to wound and kill.

He doesn’t want to talk about calling himself the Son of Sam, saying that it was a demon through him, he doesn’t want to talk about being called the 44 caliber killer, he doesn’t want to really talk about any of the actual events surrounding what he did.

For one man to terrify a city of 8 million is just honestly really interesting. Part of it probably has to do with the fact that at that time social media didn’t exist and so many people looked to the newspapers and other dailies that were just stock full of information about the killings and helped to elevate the terror level. Son of Sam went after women who had shoulder-length brown hair, and so women would cut their hair and dye it blond.

Since this was during the sexual revolution, the fact that he struck lover lanes and such really shows where his mind was. After coming home from the service he sought out a woman and when he was unable to find someone to be with, he snapped apparently.

Honestly, in a general sense the hour long program was interesting, but there wasn’t really anything new that you couldn’t have found reading books or newspaper articles and police reports from that time.

The Son of Sam was brought down by a parking ticket and just so happens that when they called to speak with him, thinking he was a witness, spoke to a woman who knew he killed the dog. The minute they asked him, he said, yup, I am who you seek…

I don’t know why, but this is the second show recently that dealt directly with serial killers, I just watched one about the Zodiak killer, and then this one. Oh and then there is the American Ripper show that is trying to name Jack the Ripper.

To this day he does not admit that he killed them… I mean he says that he did kill them, but I can’t talk anymore about that… every time they asked him anything about the actual events, he would push it off. I kind of agree when the guy says that he is just seeking attention.


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