Movie Review: Navy SEALs: The Battle for New Orleans

Okay Navy SEALs is a little B-rated, but it is a fun watch. I mean it isn’t mind numbing as zombeaver. Oh? You haven’t heard about that movie, I will be reviewing that one next week. Trust me it is mind-numbing.


One thing this movie does have going for it is there is some eye candy. Not a lot, at least in my mind, but one of the main characters, Ed Quinn otherwise known as Nathan Stark on Eureka… Wait a minute, I just realized his last name was Stark, as in Tony Stark’s relative maybe? I mean they are both stupid smart, both attractive, and both have dark hair.


My friend says no, my husband says “who knows, I’m sure it is possible.” So I am going with the creators of Eureka giving a head nod to Marvel for Tony Stark.


Okay so I finally finished the movie, because I can only watch it while I am working on my computer since it is technically a horror movie and I didn’t know how bad it would be.  Didn’t want to traumatize the minion.  So once I finished watching it, while I think it is a B rated movie, it is actually pretty good.


Something had happened in New Orleans and the Vice President was there for a meeting, and so a SEAL unit was shipped in to save the Vice President and his security unit. When they get there, there is no one on the street, nothing, so they think it is going to be easy peasy.  Except that it isn’t, and obviously we are talking about Zombies.


As the movie progesses, they learn more about the infection, and seek out a scientist that may hold the cure, or at least information about the infection.  Even though they move throughout town, it almost reads as it all happening in one building if that makes sense.  It could have been filmed in one building and it would have worked about the same.  That isn’t to say that the non-building parts aren’t important, but it could have been adapted if necessary.


We all know Zombies, different stories about how they come to be, how they can be killed, how they behave, etc. This story takes a lot of those tropes and throws them out the window, or off the bridge, however you see it. So come into this movie with an open mind, and don’t listen to some of the inane conversation.  The plot is good, but the convo lacks at times.


Give it a try, it is on Netflix.


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