Movie Review: The Forsaken


This movie is a little old, from 2001, but it is my favorite vampire movie of all time.  It hasn’t received the attention I feel that it should have, but I will give it at least some attention.


The Forsaken starts with a young man who is just driving across the country on a job when he stays the night at a hotel.  In the hotel parking lot there is an old car and what sounds like a massive orgy occurring in a room next to his.  Not thinking that much of it, he went to sleep and the next morning the car was gone and yet there appeared to be something that happened next door.  When he meets a young woman who appears to be intoxicated, he meets another man who knows what is going on with her, and it isn’t drugs, but the bite of a vampire.  Following the trail of vampires is not easy, but the two men and the young lady must, if they have any hope of curing whatever is wrong with them.


One of the reasons why I like this movie so much is the story about vampirism.  It isn’t the same in every movie, but the plot and reason behind the bite is unique.  Not only that but for whatever reason this movie calls to me.  I don’t remember when I first saw it, but it was on Video Tape, and now I own the Bluray I believe, if not then the normal DVD.  I have probably seen it more than 40 times.  I think one of the reasons why I like it is because it is not just a unique story but a unique filming as well.


If you are a true blooded vampire movie lover and your favorite is Nasfatru, then this may not be the movie for you, but if you love everything that is fanged, then watch it, it will give you a different perspective and a unique look at vampires.




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