Movie Review: Alien (1979)


In my husband’s quest to introduce me to movies that I have not seen, but should, he got Alien, the first and oldest one.  So something that you should know before I get into this movie is that I don’t like animals being hurt or killed, people meh whatever, but animals not so much.  So for me when I saw the kitty I was worried, so I checked out Doesthedogdie which is a website with movies that have animals and it lists if any animals get hurt or killed.  Spoiler if you haven’t seen the movie yet, the cat survives.


Alien is the story of space miners who upon returning home to Earth get a signal from a planet that they believe may be a distress signal.  Upon arriving they shuttle down to the planet’s surface and after a rather rough landing discover that the distress signal may be more than a species needing help.


After the cute face hugger enters the movie, okay in the movie he isn’t cute, but the one that came in the Loot Crate was a super cute stuffed one, things starting going downhill fast. Like really fast.  Since this movie was made in 1979 the special effects are not what they could be if remade today, but it is still a creepy movie, and boy does it have a twist.


Obviously the goal is to watch all of the Aliens so we can watch the new one.  Between vampires and species horror movies, I don’t have much room for creepy stuff like Paranormal Activity.  Overall, good movie that really doesn’t leave a sequel open, but obviously I know there are some, so I assume that more stupid humans descend on the same planet or another and alien is waiting for them.   Funny thing, so I was trying to figure out how they reproduce, and so after the movie I got a little deep into the canon of Alien.  For those who are interested, it goes from Egg, Facehugger, Tummy ripper, and then Xenotype which is the full body one.  There is apparently a queen who can lay eggs, but a Xenotype actually makes eggs from people, which is why those two men were there on the walls.


Good movie, solid movie, and it has withstood the test of time.


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