Moonlilght Dreams: Messy Feed’s Rough Draft by J. Deville

Moonlight Dreams: Messy Feed's Rough Draft

By: J Deville
Pages: 201
Published on: August 29, 2017
Moonlilght Dreams: Messy Feed’s Rough Draft by J. Deville

Moonlight Dreams is a fairy tale introduction to Mystifying/Gooey monsters. Journey to a different world as you trek through an ancient treasure trail. Citadel Tiempo's ghouls and friendly characters will tease you as they playfully bring the past to life in this spooky novel.

Moonlight Manor is home to the Deville family. After Jack's untimely accident his girls come across a mystery package in his library at home. This sent the girls searching the house for clues to decipher the wacky puzzle their dad left behind. While the girls are on the hunt, some unexpected visitors arrive on the scene. There's no telling what will happen next, but, one thing's for sure, the skeletons in Jack's closet are not of this world

I received this book for free from Gifted in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Moonlight Dreams is almost two books in one.  By that I mean it starts off with one type. About halfway through the whole thing changes to the point where it is a completely different book.  The first ‘book’ is about a magical academy and was very interesting.  It read like a YA book.  When it changed to the second book, it almost went to a middle school age type book.  The characters were much younger, the plot wasn’t the same level as before.


I would read an entire book from the first part.  I don’t know if I would read a book made up entirely of the second part.


Anyways the book starts off at an academy where an internal struggle and betrayal is causing not only structural damage but in some cases injuries to individuals.  When the realization hits, those who survive rush to get away.  The best place is of course their private mansion.


So while I believe the author’s voice is good at the beginning, it isn’t as strong at the end, and I think that I would read the first half again, especially if it is full length. The second half I would not read again.  The story is pretty much summed up as two sisters must save themselves while uncovering family skeletons. Lots and lots of Skeletons.






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