Montana Marine by Debra Parmley

Montana Marine: Brotherhood Protectors World

By: Debra Parmley
Genres: Romance, romantic suspense
Publisher: Twisted Page Press LLC
Published on: June 6, 2017
Montana Marine by Debra Parmley

Marine Recon Gunnery Sergeant Jack “Gunny” Barr has retired and returned to Texas when he’s hired by The Brotherhood Protectors bodyguard service in Montana. His job is to protect the volatile actress Angelica Glory. She’s a bombshell and an obsessive stalker has fixated on her as a target. Lucy Wood, her shy assistant, has her hands full watching out for her. When the women are sent to Montana to lay low until the stalker is caught, Angelica has nothing to do but lay by the pool drinking rum and cola while trying to seduce the hunky bodyguard set to protect them or die trying. Jack and Lucy are drawn to each other, but working for Angelia leaves little time to see where their desires might lead. A dangerous stalker with a love obsession is determined to have the woman of his dreams.
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I received this book for free from Author Gifted in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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You all know that one of my secret, okay maybe not so secret vices is romance. I will read almost anything. When I am not feeling well though, a good romance helps. Especially a well written and well thought out romance. It isn’t about the sex because not all the romances I read have sex in them, I think it is the usually quick nature of the romance, and that I can eat through one in a couple of hours. Another issue or maybe not issue is that I will stay up way too late to finish reading one, especially one that pulls me in with intrigue, action, or mystery.


That all leads me to Debra Parmley’s Montana Marine. I am traveling to florida, or by the time this is published will likely be in Florida for BOBASE and Debra is one of the signing authors.  She reached out to us asking if we would be interested in reading one or more of her books. I have been in a pretty bad slump lately, really busy, not a lot of self care time and so I was like ‘you know why not?’ force myself to get out of it. Montana Marine did just that.


So this story is actually in another authors world, one that I have not read any of so it was all new to me. A famous actress is being stalked and the only way that her agent, PA, and the security force hired to help her could do was to take her away from Hollywood and all of the parties. Putting her in Montana on a ranch is the last place that a stalker would think that this actress would go, but then why is the stalker just showing up? Still sending messages? It will and does take the security force all that they have to collectively not only turn the tides when the stalker takes their victim. But to save the one person that may make a Marine whole again.


This story is a slow burn in that it didn’t immediately start with the action. Once the action started, it didn’t let up until the end.  The twist I saw coming a little. I didn’t want to assume because this wasn’t an author I knew. You know what they say about assuming?  It did turn out the way I thought. But not in the manner I thought or the timing I thought. I will give it to the author for surprising me even to the end.


I really enjoyed it, and I stayed up way to late one night to finish it. Which meant that the next morning came really early. I am glad that I did because it was definitely worth it.  Now I can’t wait to meet Debra at BOBASE, which if you live near St. Augustine and you have some free time this weekend, you should definitely check it out.


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About Debra Parmley

Hello book lover!! Welcome to my GoodReads page. I'm a multi-genre author. Back in 2007, my agent sold my first book and it came out in 2008 in eBook and 2009 in print. So I started traditionally before I went Indie. I used to write for 5 small presses.
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