Matanzas Moon by Elizabeth Raven

Matanzas Moon

By: Elizabeth Raven
Genres: Paranormal, Paranormal Romance
Pages: 266
Matanzas Moon by Elizabeth Raven

Love, intrigue, and the pursuit of Ghosts... all the best things in the afterlife! Lost in her quarter-life crisis, eccentric Bridget Quinn abandons her Vet School aspirations to open a metaphysical store in St. Augustine, Florida. Adept in Palmistry, Astrology, and Tarot, she discovers her dormant gift of while in the notoriously haunted city. Mediumship proves to be a pesky affliction, especially when Bridget's attempt to help a ghostly visitor implicates her in a series of vicious murders! Nick Maddox, a ruggedly Adonic but rigorously skeptical cop, investigates the ghastly crimes. Despite their conflicting beliefs, Nick can't deny his urges for Bridget extend far beyond civil obligation. Frustrated by the lack of tangible evidence, he finds more questions than answers as he pursues spectral justice and Bridget's love. RIP Ryder, a charmingly rebellious ghost tour guide, helps inves-tigate-- simultaneously complicating Nick and Bridget's impetuous dance of courtship. Her heart dangling between Nick and RIP, Bridget stumbles into a web of mystery and mayhem. Can they catch the killer before another murder? Exactly how do you handcuff a ghost anyway?

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Matanzas Moon by Elizabeth Raven was a fun and quirky book to read. Bridget is a medium and sees ghosts. She’s recently relocated to St. Augustine, FL (one of my favorite places to visit!) and opened a shop selling occultish items. When women start dying, Bridget finds herself in the middle of the whole ordeal.


This book had some really fun characters. RIP was hilarious. I love that he does ghost tours in St. Augustine. Bridget herself was a really interesting character as well. Her ghost vision was on point. Nick was a typical hard headed, previously scorned cop, but his partner Travis, omg I loved him. He had more sayings than a dog has fleas! He cracked me up big time. Even Bridget’s friends were fun. It’s rare that I find a book where almost every single character is likeable like that.


My only complaint about Matanzas Moon is that it felt kind of slow in the beginning. It took me a bit to stay with it, but I’m glad I did. Not too far into the book it picks up the pace and from there on out it is craziness.


This book is a good read for anyone who likes ghost stories and doesn’t mind a little bit of romance. I like how the romance didn’t take away from the ghosts. I really liked the location, as I know where many of the places mentioned are at. I think this author has a lot of potential as subsequent books come out. She’s one to watch for sure!


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About Elizabeth Raven

Elizabeth Raven is a wife, mother, and Veterinary  Professional hovering in the shadows and moonlight of relentlessly sunny North East Florida. She has attended various colleges and Universities in Florida pursuing degrees in Animal Sciences, Veterinary Technology, and Business.  Compelled by her fascination with all things metaphysical and paranormal, she revels in Historic St. Augustine as often as possible. She spends most days indoors working, writing, reading, cooking, or spending time with family, friends, and her four black cats. Otherwise, she can be found dancing, socializing or joining Ghost Tours whenever her imaginary friends let her out to play!

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