Lux Et Tenebrae by Jesse Wolfe

Lux Et Tenebrae: The Three Siblings

By: Jesse J. Wolfe
Pages: 192
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Published on: March 5th 2015
Lux Et Tenebrae by Jesse Wolfe

Lux et Tenebrae (L.e.T for short) means light and darkness in Latin and this is a supernatural thriller about 3 siblings, their ties to each other, those they meet, and their supernatural heritage. It has fast paced action, comedy, and a little romance but at the heart of all this is a story about family. One summers evening the quiet of the night is stripped away when a group of monsters attack a defenseless family but they are quickly saved by three mysterious siblings with supernatural powers. This leads to a chain of events that will change the lives of these three siblings forever as they learn about what and who they really are. Follow the three siblings on an action packed journey as they fight the monsters hiding in their world, confront their past, and learn about the mysterious heritage passed down to them by their parents. Nothing is stronger than the bonds of family.

I received this book for free from Author Gifted in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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Andi's Review


Lux Et Tenebrae which stands for Light and Dark is a story about three siblings.  Due to the fact that their mother and father were no longer around and so it was the oldest son’s responsibility to not only protect and keep their family together but also to find and attack supernatural creatures.  Supernatural Creatures such as the one that attack a young girl and her parents.  Without the three siblings arriving, the girl and her parents may have been a creature’s chew toy.


This had a really good premise.  Siblings who love each other, fight next to each other, and spend time together, no matter how mad they may be.  That is something I think that a lot of individuals can learn something from.  I know some families that barely see their families during the holidays, let alone every night for dinner.  Yes, I realize that not everyone lives close enough to have dinner nightly, or have the desire.  But just think about it the next time that your parents or your sibling asks to go out to dinner.


While this does have a good premise there are some issues that I had with this book.  The method that the author writes is very step by step.  Every detail is set out and it is like you have a day calendar and you write it hour by hour.  This type of writing does not allow the reader to make any steps by themselves, or come to any conclusions.  In fact I think that it is hard to even envision how these characters would act because we are told exactly how they would.  I do think that this could have been a very good book, if the author had stepped back and talked more about the bigger picture and less about the individual character.


3.5 fangs



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About Jesse J. Wolfe

Hello, My name is Jesse Wolfe and I am a recent college graduate that has a passion for telling stories. I have always had a wild imagination and it was this imagination that helped get me through the hard times as a kid. I can only hope the works I will be bringing you will be entertaining enough to help you escape the stresses of life, if only for a little bit.

I have always been interested in stories like this so I decided to try and write my own. I hope that you like it but even if you don't though I want to thank you for visiting this page.


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