Luckson: A Dream Walker Novel by Daniel Nanto

Luckson: A Dream Walker Novel

By: Daniel Nanto
Pages: 318
Series: Dreamwalkers #1
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Published on: April 4th 2016
Luckson: A Dream Walker Novel by Daniel Nanto

As far as LuckSon is aware, he is the last man alive in the year 2050. A terrible man-made plague called the Dark Death has killed everyone or turned them into Slow Muties: menacing zombie like monsters determined to kill any survivors of the pandemic who are left whole. He has spent the past five years on his own trying to survive with little hope that things would improve. That is, until now. While hiding in a small house in a town outside of what used to be Nashville, Tennessee, he encounters a young woman in his dreams. They soon discover that she lives forty years earlier in the Pre-Pandemic world, sharing a house with an older gun-toting, Bible thumping, American Indian woman named Mrs. Whitting. Using a magical Native American artifact known as a Dream Walker as well as LuckSon's knowledge and research of what happens in the future, the three of them embark on a seemingly impossible journey to try and stop the Dark Death from destroying all of Humanity. Their journey will take them through nightmares and time as they try to track down the source of the Dark Death and prevent the pandemic. Fighting slow muties, other villains, and time itself, they hope to change the future and save the world of men from utter destruction.

I received this book for free from Gifted in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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Luckson is the last man alive following some form of apocalyptic event.  It talks about it, but this is something that you need to read for yourself.


So he is the last living person on earth, but he has the ability to dream walk.  This means that he can go into someone else’s dream and speak with them.  In this book it is a young woman who lived in the house that Luckson sought out for safety one evening.  She is just a young woman who lives in a house with an older woman.  Although she doesn’t know it, she will play a vital role in the apocalyptic event.


This book is odd, not bad at all, but odd.  You have dystopian elements, you have dream walking events, and you have end of the world events.  Oh and let’s not forget that you have time travel involved.  The one thing it does have that I don’t like is the length.  It could have honestly been half the length and still as good.  In fact it could have been even shorter likely and still have the same impact.  It isn’t that I don’t like long books, I just finished a rather long 400 page book.  However, when it feels like a book was the length it is because someone told the author “you should have X words” and like many authors they were like “okay”.


Overall good book, and you should read it, but there may be times that you skim, and you know what?  That is okay.


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About Daniel Nanto

Daniel Nanto is the author of a new series called the Dream Walker Novels. He was born in Murray, Utah, and has lived in several different states over his forty some odd years, including Utah, Colorado, Maryland, Tennessee, and Quebec. He spent his teenage years driving like a crazy fiend on the back streets of Gaithersburg, Maryland, and doing his best to kill himself out of sheer stupidity. Fortunately, he survived those years.

He now works at Vanderbilt University Medical Center as the Director of Application Development and Integration for their non-clinical applications. In his free time, he enjoys teaching religious classes to high school and college age students, and reading urban fiction.

Daniel is married to an amazing woman and has four beautiful children. His latest hobby is writing novels. LuckSon II - The Nightmare, is the next book in the dream walker series, with many more hopefully to come in the future.

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